Instructional Technology

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Timothy Nellegar

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765 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102


The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) is committed to the improvement of teaching and learning by linking the appropriate information and learning technologies to education. OIT provides leadership in the use of computers and related technologies, working collaboratively with schools and departments to ensure the effective use of technology across the disciplines. Since technology will enhance the learning process to better prepare our students to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in a changing world, the Office of Instructional Technology has created the Technology Literacy Standards guide to enable teachers to effectively integrate technology into all curricular areas.

Currently, the district utilizes almost fourteen thousand (13,750) computers for instructional purposes. Over ninety percent of our schools have been networked to further ensure the infusion of technology in the classroom. The remaining schools have cable modem Internet access connecting labs and classrooms. Approximately 9,500 computers located in classrooms and labs have internet access.

The Office of Instructional Technology continues to provide staff development to our teachers assisting them with the integration of technology in all subject areas. As our teachers become more proficient in using technology as an instructional tool, students begin to see relevance in their education, and thus become highly motivated to succeed.

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