District Summary

The Newark School District is the largest and one of the oldest school systems in New Jersey. Its origin dates back to 1676. Barringer High School, in Newark’s North Ward, is the third oldest public high school in the nation. Grounded in our rich history, the Newark Board of Education continues to offer new opportunities to meet the rapidly growing population in the city. Our vision is to build a new educational ecosystem that provides a world-class education for every child in Newark from pre-kindergarten to secondary school students. This means delivering an academically rigorous and culturally responsive instructional program that prepares students for success while building knowledge, strengthening character, cultivating ingenuity, and fostering leadership.

The information below came from the New Jersey Department of Education and summarizes the most recent publicly available data. These data sources support comparison with all other districts in the state of New Jersey. Note that Newark students served outside of the district are not included in the data.

District Data: Number of Schools

District Data

Number of Schools
for the 2021-2022 School Year65 Schools

Interesting Fact

Newark Public Schools serves more students than any other district in the state of New Jersey.

District Data: Student Enrollment (2021-22)

Student Enrollment (2021-22)

Grade Enrollment % of Total Enrollment
Adult Education216< 1%
District Data: Student Race/Ethnicity

Student Race/Ethnicity (2021-22)

Race/Ethnicity Enrollment % of Total Enrollment
Asian336< 1%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander92< 1%
American Indian145< 1%
Unspecified76< 1%
District Data: Family Income

Family Income (2021-22)

Meal Subsidy Status Enrollment % of Total Enrollment
Free Lunch28,37774.8%
Reduced Price Lunch2,8547.6%
Paid Lunch (Income above the qualifying threshold)6,68017.6%
District Data: More Demographics

Additional Demographics (2021-22)

Disability Classification Enrollment % of Total Enrollment
Special Education6,52717.2%
Limited English Proficient7,03518.5%
District Data: Additional Student Outcomes (2019-2020)

Additional Student Outcomes (2020-2021)

Average Daily Attendance94.2%
Percent Chronically Absent (missing 10% or more of school days)18.0%
Four-year Graduation Rate81.1%

*Attendance Data calculated up to 3/13/2020 prior to the transition to virtual learning. Data source: NBOE District Data

District Data: NJSLA: Percent Met and Exceeded Expectations (Spring 2019)

NJSLA: Percent Met and Exceeded Expectations (Spring 2019)

Subject Grades 3-8 Grades 9-11 Overall
English Language Arts35.9%31.5%34.8%