Accounts Payable

Contact Info
Atonia Russell

Office Location
765 Broad Street
2nd Floor
Newark, NJ 07102

Phone: 973-733-6966
Fax: 862-255-4301

The Office of Accounts Payable is responsible for payments to vendors; auditing and correction of vendor invoices. The office team processes employee reimbursements and prepare vouchers and invoices to be paid. They are also responsible for filing all paid invoices; logging of open and closed financial files and processing end of calendar year 1099 forms.

Attention Vendors: When doing business with the Newark Board of Education, please be advised that district policy states that the purchase of goods and services may only be authorized and approved through a signed purchase order. A purchase order, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-2 (v) is a document issued by the Purchasing Agent authorizing a purchase transaction with a vendor to provide or perform goods or services to the school district. 

In the case where vendors receive a blanket purchase order from Newark Board of Education, you are only authorized to provide goods and services at a cost not to exceed the amount of the purchase order.

As a result, if a vendor accepts orders without a valid purchase order or allows the cost of goods and services to exceed the amount of the purchase order, the district will not assume responsibility for unauthorized purchases. The district’s schools are aware of the requirements for engaging the services of a vendor and they must adhere to district policy and procedures.

In addition, all invoices must be submitted to the Office of Accounts Payable.  The invoices must also include the following information:
  1. Vendor Name and Address
  2. Invoice Number
  3. Invoice Date
  4. Valid Purchase Order Number
  5. Description of Goods and or Services
  6. Accurate Delivery Date and or Date(s) of Service
  7. Delivery Location of Goods and or Services

The invoice and the signed voucher bill may be sent to