Pupil Transportation

“Transporting Students on the Road to Success!”

The Office of Pupil Transportation professionals play a crucial role in our students’ education. OPT not only is responsible for precious cargo, our team connects children with classrooms, helps the developing athletes achieve progress in their sport of choice and assists students discover neighborhoods and communities by providing transportation to and from field trips and special events. In addition to daily transportation services, our team links our students to in district sponsored after school programs and events. There are lots of moving parts in Pupil Transportation!

Our average Omnibus Operators has over fifteen years of transportation experience and all of our drivers participate in an extensive safety training program. Our team also performs regularly scheduled and ongoing vehicle maintenance checks to ensure our internal fleet of school buses are in the best operating condition.

Transportation services for students with special needs who meet eligibility requirements, some of our schools’ athletic events and selected field trips are provided by contracted school bus companies and are arranged and managed through the efforts of Pupil Transportation. Home to school transportation services for students who attend Out of District Placements are arranged and managed through the services of an Educational Services Commission. The District mandates that all school bus companies and personnel undergo mandated safety training and that school bus companies’ buses follow all State and federal safety guidelines.

Whether transportation services are facilitated by the Newark Board of Education or by a school bus company, it is OPTs core mission to provide safe, timely and efficient transportation services for all Newark students who are eligible for transportation services!

For general inquiries, please email: opt@nullnps.k12.nj.us

Office of Pupil Transporation
Contact Info
Quanika Dukes-Spruill
M.A. Ed
Executive Director

Office Location
765 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Phone: 973-733-7290
Fax: 973-733-7122

Pupil Transportation Staff

Quanika Dukes-Spruill

Executive Director, Transportation Services


(973) 733- 7371




Administrator Support, Departmental Oversight and Leadership
Dottie Croner

Coordinator of School Transportation


(973) 733 -7191



Supervisor of General Transportation Support/Home to School Transportation Efforts & DRTRS
Manuel Alvarez

Asst. Coordinator of School Transportation


(973) 733-7192



Vendor Management/School Bus Contractor Compliance & Contracts
Angelica Harper

Asst. Coordinator of School Transportation


(973) 938-7343



Home to School Transportation Efforts /Routing Specialist & Bus tickets for Charter Schools & DRTRS Back-up Assistant
Victoria Rivera

Clerk III


(973) 733-8268



General Transportation Support/Customer Service/DCP&P/ OOD Transportation Support
Nateesha Magee

Clerk III


(973) 733-7127


nmagee@ nps.k12.nj.us

Bus tickets for all NBOE Public Schools, Back-up OOD Transportation Support
Tyshina Powell

Asst. Coordinator of School Transportation


(973) 938-7342



Athletics/General Transportation Support & Field Trip Support via PeopleSoft
Juan Rosario

Asst. Coordinator of School Transportation


(973) 733 7291



Home to School Transportation Efforts /Routing Specialist
Allison Hibbert

Asst. Coordinator of School Transportation


(973) 938-7312



Home to School Transportation Efforts /Routing Specialist
LaShona Hopkins

Sr. Transportation Inspector


(973) 688-2701



Route/Vendor Inspector/School Bus Contractor Field  Compliance
Jaleesa Dailey

Transportation Inspector


(973) 807-3788




Route/Vendor Inspector
Willie Moore

Transportation Inspector


(973) 733-6894





Route/Vendor Inspector
Charlieza Hill

Clerk III


(973) 938-7432




General help for Vendor Finance Management, Payments & Compliance, 


Cynthia Shaw 

Clerk III


(973) 807-3757



Vendor Management/School Bus Contractor Payments & Compliance,  OPT Budgeting

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