Our current absence management system, SubFinder, is being replaced with a new system called Aesop. As of June 25, 2016 the SubFinder system will no longer be available and all NPS employees will be switched over to Aesop.

This new system offers greater flexibility for employees to report absences and for substitutes to access jobs. One of the biggest changes is that users can now access the system by phone as well as through the Aesop website. This means that Aesop can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, including from a mobile phone. The phone and web-based systems will require separate login information and more details about your login credentials, instructions on how to use the system, and where to go for help will be sent directly to you via your NPS email.

In the meantime, there are two things you can do now to help ensure your Aesop transition begins smoothly:

  1. Confirm that you know your NPS user ID and password. This is the ID and password used to login to District computers and most software applications. If you do not know your NPS login, please call 973-733-7333 to obtain your username and/or reset your password.
  2. Login to Employee Self Service (ESS) and update your primary phone number. This is an important step—especially if you have never called into SubFinder before. The ten-digit phone number listed for you in ESS is part of your Aesop ID and must be unique to you. Duplicate phone numbers are not permitted so if you know that your primary phone number is shared with another employee, please take steps now to adjust as needed.

Please keep an eye out for a separate Welcome email from Aesop that will contain your login credentials and information about how to access the system.


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