Title III BEEP: Bilingual ESL Extension Program

Accelerating Learning

In order to assist schools in their efforts to better prepare English language learners to demonstrate improved performance on the English proficiency tests that are part of the new accountability process, the Office of Bilingual Education will coordinate an afterschool ESL instructional program funded through a Title III Grant.

This program – the Bilingual-ESL Extension Program (BEEP) – has been developed…

  • To extend and enhance the effectiveness of ESL instruction incorporated into the 2012 Amplification of the WIDA English Language Development Standards
  • To provide ELL students Levels I-IV with the additional help they need to reach mastery levels on English proficiency tests
  • To focus instruction on those specific areas of highest priority identified through the evaluation of test data in order to empower the greatest number of ELLs to meet the new Core Content State Standards, as well as the ELD Standards
  • To promote the most effective instructional enhancement by assigning three bilingual education specialists to assist BEEP schools in organizing and monitoring instruction and student participation.

The program is planned to begin in November 2016 and continue through the last week of March 2017. The program will operate three days a week from 3:10 to 4:10 (or 3:30 to 4:30 in Renew Schools) each day, or two days a week from 3:10 to 4:40 (or 3:30 to 5:00 in Renew Schools). The program is not intended for ELL students who are already participating in PARCC 3-8 afterschool programs/institutes that are operating in the school. BEEP participants are encouraged to stay after BEEP to participate in the other afterschool programs.

As in any other after school program, students must have signed parental permission forms in order to participate. It is expected that more effective home-school communication and collaboration will also be promoted by BEEP Program activities.

The Office of Bilingual Education will collaborate with principals in the recruitment of teachers and students. This program is an extension of ESL instruction and it will be most effective when there is (1) a familiarity by the instructor with the individual strengths and weaknesses and test performance of the students as well as (2) the ability to coordinate planning and instruction with the sequence of English skill development as it is addressed by the daily district ESL curriculum. While running the BEEP program with ESL and/or bilingual teachers is ideal, any teacher who has the SIOP training and commitment to help these English language learners can serve since everything needed—student materials, workbooks, resources, lesson plans and pacing guides– is given to the teachers.

The linguistic and academic focus of Program BEEP includes the requirement that through the motivation and instruction of the teachers all participating students will be systematically guided through the composition and editing process and generate prescribed writing samples.

Since the instruction is highly individualized and must proceed at a rapid pace in order to cover a variety of reading and writing over the brief period of time before state tests are administered, participation will be limited to a maximum of 12-15 students per section.

The Bilingual Office will serve to provide logistical and instructional support to the teaching staff. Attendance records, payroll documentation, arrangements to obtain substitute coverage when needed etc. is to proceed as is done with other afterschool programs.

For further information regarding Program BEEP, please contact Maria Elena Suarez msuarez@nullnps.k12.nj.us.