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Charity Haygood - Thumbs Up 2020

A special thank you from Superintendent León and the Newark Board of Education to all of the following:

Thank you to Students and Families.
Thank you to Principals, Vice Principals, and Department Chairpersons.
Thank you to Teachers, Nurses, Faculty, and Staff.
Thank you to Custodial Staff, Food Services, and Security.
Thank you to Executive Staff, and all Central Office Employees.
Thank you to Audible for assisting in printing the Learning at Home Plans.
And, thank you to everyone else for your assistance and support.
Learning at Home Plans are available on the district’s website and any approved changes by principals will be posted on the individual school websites.
Breakfast and Lunch is available for all students at designated schools from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:30am-11:30am. Students can pick up food at any NPS site nearest to their home or current location. Click the button below to find the school closest to you and report to the Main Entrance.

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