Office of Safety and Security

Office of Safety and Security

The Office of Safety and Security is fully committed to serving our students and community. Our focus is fostering a safe and secure environment, minimizing disruptive incidents, and building trust that improves the quality of life in the Newark Public School community. Furthermore, we aim to provide outstanding customer service to our Parents, Guardians, and Community stakeholders in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner.

The Newark Board of Education employs a team of extensively trained security guards to maintain a secure environment within school premises. These security guards undergo a rigorous selection process and training program conducted by the Newark Police Department and NBOE staff. They are assigned to all schools and administrative buildings.

NBOE security guards are crucial in maintaining order and security for Newark Public Schools. They patrol the school grounds, monitor visitors, intervene in student problems, and protect staff and students in various capacities.

Our security guards are trained and on-site to provide CPR, AED usage, first aid, and stop-the-bleed whenever students, faculty, and staff are in need.


  • Levi A. Holmes, II

    Executive Director

  • Safety & Security Department

    190 Muhammad Ali Avenue
    Newark, NJ 07108

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NBOE School Safety Officers

The NBOE school safety officers are Class II police officers certified by the New Jersey Police Training Commission and commissioned by the Newark Police Department. They are assigned to several high schools and patrol duties within the district. Their primary role is to support school security personnel in their daily tasks and respond to any emergency situations that may arise.


The Office of Safety has successfully created a secure environment for all schools and central offices within the district. Our recent focus on advanced technology, such as surveillance systems, weapon detection, upgraded public announcement systems, and hand-held radios has elevated the level of safety in our community tremendously. Our partnership with the Newark Police Department and Essex County Prosecutors Office has provided a comprehensive layer of protection for our students. As a result of implementing state-of-the-art security measures at all schools, the number of incidents district-wide has significantly reduced. The district has also seen a decline in violent incidents at high schools thanks to the presence of school safety officers employed by the district.

Looking Ahead

  • Ongoing recruitment for per diem security guards

  • Ongoing training for security personnel

  • Working more closely with District Safety Committee and Threat Assessment Team

  • Continue collaboration with outside agencies

  • Upgrade surveillance technology

Parent and Visitor Information: Safety Reminders

  • Please do not enter the building during arrival or dismissal unless you are going to the main office.

  • Make sure you have your ID when you visit or pick up at your child’s school.

  • Be prepared to display your ID to our security camera or present it to a staff member when requested.

  • Make sure you are individually buzzed in — do not hold the door for anyone else.

  • Young students may only be released to individuals listed on their student account or a parent’s handwritten note. Anyone picking up your child should be prepared to present ID.

  • Inform school staff about student safety concerns raised by your child or found on social media.

  • Know your school’s emergency and safety procedures and talk to your child about their importance.

Let's work together to keep our school safe.

Newark Public school district, along with parents, teachers, and the members of the Newark Board of Education, is continuously exploring ways to enhance school safety. We have established several security practices and procedures that are currently in place.

  • Our teachers are stationed at key locations like entrances and hallways during class changes and arrival and dismissal times.

  • All district staff and high school students wear ID badges, and staff in other buildings are expected to know students by name.

  • Visitors are reminded to check in at the main entrance, and all school perimeter doors have magnetic locking systems.

  • External video surveillance is in place at all schools, and visitors must show a photo ID before being allowed in by office staff. Additionally, emergency key fob shut-off systems are in place at all buildings, ensuring that only police or fire department personnel can enter in case of emergency.

  • We are vigilant in detecting weapons, drugs, student violence, and other restricted items which violate disciplinary codes.

  • To ensure preparedness for emergencies, both staff and students undergo two monthly safety drills for emergency situations and twice-yearly drills for bus evacuations.

Safety & Security Contacts

  • Hasan Bullock

    Lead Supervisor of all high schools and staff

    High Schools
    American History High School
    Arts High School
    Bard High School Early College
    Barringer High School
    Central High School
    East Side High School
    Malcolm X Shabazz High School
    Newark School of Data Science & Information Technology
    Newark School of Fashion & Design
    Newark School of Global Studies
    Newark Vocational High School
    Science Park High School
    Technology High School
    University High School
    Weequahic High School
    West Side High School

  • Tony Horton

    Supervisor of the Central office, and Harold Wilson Staff

  • Angel Mercado

    Supervisor of the North, East, and Central Districts

    North District East District
    Central District
    Branch Brook ECC North
    Dr. William H. Horton
    Elliott Street
    First Avenue
    Ridge Street and Annex
    Roberto Clemente
    Salomé Ureña
    East Ward
    East Ward Pre-School
    Hawkins Street
    Oliver Street
    Lafayette Street, Annex and St. James Annex
    South Street
    South Street Pre-School
    Wilson Avenue and Annex
    Berliner ECC Central
    Camden Street
    Harriet Tubman
    Isaac Newton
    Quitman Street
    South 17th Street

  • Zakiyyah Walker

    Supervisor of the North, East/Central, and South/West Districts

    North District East/Central District South/West District
    Dr. E. Alma Flagg
    Luis Muñoz Marín
    Park Elementary
    Rafael Hernandez
    Sussex Avenue
    Ann Street
    Ironbound Academy
    Michelle Obama
    13th Avenue
    14th Avenue/ECC West
    Avon Avenue
    Belmont Runyon
    Chancellor Annex ECC South
    Chancellor Avenue
    GW Carver/Bruce Street
    Hawthorne Avenue
    Ivy Hill
    Louise A. Spencer
    Mount Vernon
    Peshine Avenue

  • Amanda Koontz

    Supervisor of the Investigative Team

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Safety & Security Plan

  • State of New Jersey, Department of Education logoSchool Preparedness and Emergency Planning

Please contact our 24-hour command center for any incidents and suspicious behavior: 973-733-8986 or 973-733-6762.