Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying

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The following documents are in regards to the statute on anti-bullying:

Student Discipline Guide


    HIB Information

    Types of Bullying

    • Direct Bullying - physical, verbal attacks, assault, destruction of property.
    • Indirect Bullying - shunning, spreading rumors, malicious practical jokes.
    • Cyber/Electronic - internet technology, social websites, texting, emails.

    Parenting Tips

    • Remain calm and assure your child that they are not alone.
    • Speak with your child and identify dates or frequency of the incident. (Who, What, When & Where)
    • Notify your child’s school immediately by contacting the Anti-Bullying Specialist or School Administrator.
    • File a HIB complaint form to report the incident and submit to the Anti-Bullying Specialist for investigation.
    • Monitor your child’s behavior and request supports from the school (ie. increased supervision, class/seating change, counseling).
    • Attend parent meetings scheduled by the school administrator and Anti Bullying Specialist.
    Assédio, Intimidação, & Bullying
    Hostigamiento, Intimidation e Acoso
    Intimidation et Harcèlement