Data & Research

The Newark Board of Education Academic and Strategic Data Team serves to provide comprehensive analysis to support evidence-based decision-making in the district. This includes: designing and producing internal reports and data tools, responding to ad hoc data requests, conducting evaluations of programs and cohorts, compliance data reporting, and supporting external researchers seeking to work with the district.

Contact Information:

Contact Info
Rochanda Jackson
Executive Director

Office Location
765 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102


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During the 2018-19 school year, Newark Public Schools served almost 36,100 students ranging from preschool age to high school seniors.

To learn more about our district, please see the district summary.

For data on individual schools, review the school summaries or download a school level database for the 2016-17 school year.

Data and Analysis by Topic

Data Exploration Tools

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Assessment Calendar

To learn more about assessment in our district, please see the district's Assessment Calendar.

Research with NPS

Newark Public Schools encourages collaboration with research partners when possible in order to pursue evidence-based approaches. We prioritize research that aligns with the Superintendent’s Key Priorities. Please see our Research with NPS page for more information.

Regular Reports

Regular reporting consists of monthly attendance reports, periodic interim assessment summaries, as well as annual reports such as teacher placement, PARCC, and graduation. Most of these reports are internal and school specific, though some have generated district-level research or interactive data tools. Click here to see examples of regular reports.

Data Tools

To improve the use of data in real-time decision-making throughout the district, the Data Team works to develop interactive dashboards for use by school leadership, content teams, and district supervisors. These tools will provide a one-stop shop for information on attendance, academics, discipline, budget, and other aspects of school life.

Internal Research

Internal Research efforts go beyond the evaluation of academic programs, but also the development of industry-leading reporting and data maintenance practices. Internal research across the district is supported, both through the application of new indicators and methods, as well as by the cultivation of the NBOE DataMart and implementation of weekly PD sessions on topics ranging from coding to database management. Methodological and statistical support is given to other teams as they pursue efficiency, implementation, or needs evaluations.

External Research

External Research partnerships are encouraged by NBOE. In addition to formal collaborations with other organizations, every attempt is made to fulfill data requests or to assist in academic research. Research requests are considered on a monthly basis and then approved through NBOE’s Internal Research Board as well as by the Newark Board of Education.

Ad Hoc Requests

For staff or community members with specific, feasible analysis requests, the Data Team has strengthened our support for Ad Hoc Requests. These can vary from summary statistics about a specific class or student to snapshots of the district through a new lens. To make a request, please see our Ad Hoc Request Form.