Bus Tickets & FAQ’s

The New Jersey Transit bus and light rail system is the primary means of transportation to commute to and from school for most students of the Newark Public Schools. Most of our students characterize taking public transportation as a step to self-reliance, growth, and as an advantage to reducing road congestion and air pollution. Public transportation is viewed as a common sense choice to commute to school in a large urban school district.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible for bus tickets?
    In accordance with state law, N.J.S.A. 18A:39-1, all public elementary school students (grades K-8) who live more than two miles from their school and all public secondary school students (grades 9-12) who live more than two-and-a-half miles from their school are entitled to transportation.
  2. How is the distance between a student’s home and school measured?
    Measurement is made by the shortest distance along public roadways or walkways between the entrance to the student’s home and the nearest public entrance of the school building. The Newark Public Schools utilizes professional mapping services to determine the distance between the students’ home and the location of the students’ enrolled school.
  3. What if my child lives less than the mileage requirement from school?
    In accordance with state law, N.J.S.A. 18A:39-1, Boards of education are not required to provide transportation for students who live less than the 2.0 or 2.5 miles from school, even for safety reasons.
  4. My child is eligible. How will my child be transported to and from school?
    The Newark Public Schools utilizes the New Jersey Transit bus system. The district provides bus tickets to eligible students.
  5. My child is eligible. Where do we go for bus tickets?
    Your child’s school will have a list of eligible students. Bus tickets are distributed at the school monthly.
  6. If my child loses their bus ticket, what happens?
    Students are responsible for the safe keeping of their bus tickets.
  7. My child does not meet NJDOE mileage requirements. Is there anything else?
    Yes. NJ Transit Student Discount Cards are available for all students and can be obtained at your child’s school.
  8. Are charter school students eligible for bus tickets?
    Students who attend charter schools in Newark are eligible for bus tickets and must meet the same requirements as students who attend a district school.
  9. I have additional questions. Who should I contact?
    Please contact a member of the Office of Pupil Transportation at 973-733-7290 or e-mail your question to opt@nullnps.k12.nj.us.