Special Education Transportation

Students with special needs will be provided with transportation in accordance with NJSA 18A: 39-1 et seq. in accordance with the students’ Individualized Education Program (IEP). In partnership with the Office of Special Education, the Office of Pupil Transportation will provide students who meet criteria with efficient transportation assistance.

Once transportation eligibility is determined, the Office of Pupil Transportation provides the Essex County Regional Educational Services Commission (Commission) with the student’s transportation request.

  • Allow for a period of 72 hours for the student’s request to be fully processed and for a bus to be assigned to the student by the Commission
  • If after 72 hours a bus has not been assigned, please contact the department of Special Education to obtain feedback on the application status.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Special Education Transportation:

What if I move to a new address and need to update the pick-up or drop-off location?

  • All changes to a student’s record must be done directly with the student’s assigned case manager at the school the student attends or with the Office of Special Education.

How do I obtain the contact information for my child’s bus company?

  • The name and contact information for the bus company will be mailed to you by the Commission, or by calling the Commission at County Regional Commission office 973-405-6262 extensions: x1200, x1281, and x1272, or a Pupil Transportation team member at 973-733-7191.

My child no longer needs transportation services, how can I put a stop to the service?

  • A request to terminate services must be submitted by the child study team in the respective school the student attends.