Field Trips FAQ

Q: How do I request a NPS bus for my field trip?

A: Submit your request via email to Q. Dukes-Spruill and D. Croner including the name of school, date, departure/return times, destination, total # of passengers, & one of them will notify you of availability.

Q: How do I get a field trip destination added to PeopleSoft?

A: Send an email to Debra Pitt-Davis & Dorothy Croner with the name of destination and the city in which its located.

Q: Can I make changes to my field trip, i.e. time or destination?

A: Changes can only be made via PeopleSoft, you cannot call the vendor and or the OPT to request any changes to a field trip.

Q: How do I know when I have a bus assigned to my trip?

A: There will be a 2nd approval in PeopleSoft from the OPT go into the bus form and click on comments to retrieve bus information.

Q: How do I cancel a bus for a trip that has been booked?

A: Call the bus company to cancel the bus, get the name of the person you spoke to and send an email to Debra Pitt-Davis and Dorothy Croner advising them of the cancellation. Please do not call the OPT to cancel buses.

Q: What step should I take when I receive an email asking me to increase a req for a field trip?

A: Go into PeopleSoft and edit your bus form to the cost you were given in the email for the increase request.