Helena Vinhas

Helena Vinhas<br>Board Member<br>2024-2027<br>
Helena Vinhas
Board Member

Helena Vinhas is deeply rooted in Newark, committed to shaping its future as a devoted member of the Newark Board of Education. Alongside a dedicated cohort of leaders, she champions a governance model that mirrors the values of community, ensuring representation and democracy at its core. She served as the President of the Sport Club Portuguese and also as a District Leader in the East Ward.

She is a strong advocate of community engagement an educational landscape that is excellent and equitable for all. As the city of Newark evolves and educational paradigms shift, she remains committed to understanding the community's needs.

A lifelong resident of Newark and proud mother of two daughters who attend Newark Public Schools, Helena's involvement extends beyond being a board member. She lends her expertise to a number of local initiatives, from the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women to the Science Park High School PTSO. Her contributions as a trustee and leader in organizations such as the Ironbound Business Improvement District and the Michael J. Silva Civic Association underscore her deep-rooted connection to Newark's fabric.

Beyond her civic engagements, Helena is a seasoned businesswoman, co-running a thriving enterprise with a legacy spanning generations. With a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Kean University, she brings a wealth of strategic insight to her endeavors.

Helena's vision for Newark's educational landscape is one anchored in the belief that an exceptional education is the cornerstone of every child's dreams. She advocates for a holistic approach, emphasizing the importance of fundamental principles, a dynamic instructional team, effective governance, and sound fiscal practices—all while nurturing a compassionate environment for our students.

Committed to transparency, driven by a passion for student success, and dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, Helena pledges to collaborate with her board colleagues to elevate Newark Public Schools to new heights. In her unwavering commitment to the city that has shaped her family's journey, she seeks to pay forward the opportunities Newark has afforded her, ensuring that every student can realize their full potential.