Wi-Fi Access on All District School Buses


The district has initiated a project to provide Wi-Fi access on all district school buses to allow students to engage in learning using their electronic devices while riding the district buses. Every district school bus will be equipped with a Kajeet SmartBus Wi-Fi Router that will provide high speed Internet access to all students on the bus. The Kajeet Wi-Fi solution will offer Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliant Internet Content filtering that will ensure students’ online safety while using the Internet. The Kajeet Content filtering will integrate with the district’s content filtering solution and will inspect Internet traffic in the same manner as our internal content filters that have been configured with our Internet access policies. The Kajeet Content filtering solution provides comprehensive device management and reporting in compliance with CIPA and the district’s Cyber Security policies.

The Kajeet SmartBus Wi-Fi Router can also be used off the bus in academic and sports settings during trips. Teams of students and teachers can use the router for internet access in such a setting when they engage in group learning or sports activities. Funding request for this initiative has been made through the Emergency Connectivity Funds (ECF). ECF approval is expected before September and the installation of the routers will commence shortly thereafter.