United Airlines & the Newark Board of Education Partner to Benefit Students and Teachers

Thank you to United Airlines for partnering with the Newark Board of Education (NBOE) and a number of our schools to provide a unique STEM based experience for teachers and students. Last year, United and the NBOE began a partnership to provide a unique STEM experience to teachers in three Newark Public Schools and to provide opportunities for students, as well. The teacher program, entitled, “United Air Camp” was launched with teachers spending three days at an away camp to learn more about STEM opportunities associated with flying. Last month, United sponsored 250 Newark Public Schools students to spend a day at the Liberty Science Center where the students received a special presentation on the four forces of Science of Flight: thrust, gravity, lift and drag. They also learned how weather conditions affect flight. They also gained an overall understanding of basic flight and aeronautics through hands-on demonstrations, such as the hovercraft and a Jet powered chair. Finally, United has sponsored career day at Mt. Vernon School and will be visiting additional schools soon.