Teamwork & Determination Lead to Award Winning Debate Season

We want to take a moment to recognize the incredible team work, determination, and achievement of our Science Park High School Debate Team, which is having its most successful year in the team’s 25 year history.

This year alone, our Science Park debate team took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, out of over 300 students from across the United States, at the University of California Berkeley Debate Tournament. They qualified four students to the National High School Tournament of Champions in Lincoln-Douglas debate; two students to the National High School Tournament of Champions in both Lincoln-Douglas and the Policy Debate; seven students to The National Speech and Debate League Nationals; and one student to the USA debate team, for worldwide competition.

We are so proud of and impressed by this group of students, their coaches and school leaders. Not because of the wins, but because of the dedication and teamwork that we know goes into preparation for and competition in these debate tournaments, and because of the character and strength it builds.

Developing your own opinions, supported by facts, personal experience, and values, and learning to effectively communicate those opinions is a critical life skill. At the Newark Public Schools, we go to work every day, to make sure that our students receive the education and support necessary to be critical thinkers, who have the confidence and tools to be assertive and to pave their own path.

Our students have voices that are strong, confident, and that deserve to be heard. Our Science Park Debate Team has proven to us that with teamwork, dedication, and hours of research and practice, our students are capable of competing and winning at the international level.

We encourage those of you who are interested in seeing our Science Park Debate Team in action, and in supporting them as they move forward, to attend their fundraising debate scheduled to take place this Thursday May 14th from 6pm-8pm at Science Park High School.