Newark Residents Approve Over $1.2 Billion School Budget

Newark residents approved the $1,212,209,591 school budget authorized by the Board of Education on the April 19, 2022 school board elections. The District received an additional $120.9 million in State Aid. In the March Budget Hearing Public meeting, Newark Public Schools demonstrated how the funds would be leveraged to support student supports and academic achievement. Newark’s school budget increased as a result of strategic budget management, additional state aid, and the increase in enrollment by over 700 additional pupils in our public schools.

The district is investing in 191 new teaching positions in the areas of Bilingual, English as a Second Language (ESL), Special Education and the core content areas, as well as 102 school Student Support Service personnel. The District is also opening a new elementary school (Ironbound Academy Elementary School) in September 2022. The schools will also see additional Security and Custodial Staff.

Moreover, the District is investing in more building trade staff that will result in more timely in house repairs as well as major facilities upgrades across the schools. University High School will experience a complete overhaul to the gym that was damaged by Hurricane Ida. A District-wide investment in Security equipment for all of the schools provides for state-of-art technological enhancements.