NBOE Collaboratively Designs SEPAC Meetings Inclusive of Parent Voices


The Office of Special Education is proud to have facilitated the monthly SEPAC Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC). The SEPAC meeting consists of parents and professionals with a shared interest in special education issues across the District. SEPAC’s goal is to increase family participation and understanding of the special education process, available resources and supports that meet their needs.

A primary initiative of the Newark Board of Education Office of Special Education in 2023-2024 is to have open communication and build positive connections with Parents and community stakeholders. SEPAC helps facilitate this initiative by bringing in guest speakers who are experts at topics pertaining to the special education population including school, legal, and community connections that are an invaluable resource.

The most recent SEPAC meeting, held in May 2024, marked the End of the Year Celebration. Parents were given the opportunity to share their child's achievements, successes, and milestones during the event. Representatives from the Office of Special Education were present at the meeting to connect with parents and address any queries they may have. Following the May SEPAC meeting, parents were able to enroll their children in the Extended School Year (ESY) program. Parents are encouraged to stay updated on future meetings by visiting the NBOE webpage.