Improving Attendance One Swipe at a Time

West Side student utilizes Swipe K12 to capture attendance.

          West Side student utilizes Swipe K12 to capture attendance

As the district welcomed students back-to-school, NBOE launched its Swipe K12 program for a seamless ingress process while capturing accurate attendance information.

Swipe K12 School Solutions Inc. is a leading provider of a student management system that enables schools to maximize learning in the classroom through better student accountability throughout the day. The software combines the accessibility of the Internet with powerful and efficient data collection one swipe at a time!

As students scan their barcode ID cards, use their cell phones, or punch in a pin code or ID number, the Swipe mobile station logs individual attendance and can process 500 students in only 15 minutes. The system has the capability to send parents emails and text messages within 10 minutes of their child’s scan. Other features of the system include:

  • Installation and Training
  • Cell Phone App for Students
  • Cell Phone App for Parents
  • Photo Identification Capabilities
  • Location/Period Based Scanning
  • Cafeteria Entrance Screening
  • Swipe Website Capabilities
  • Real Time Teacher Information Modules

Attendance Counselor at West Side High School adamantly stated, “The use of the Swipe K12 system has made the recording student daily attendance more accurate and easier to capture. The time stamp feature allows staff to have a more detailed conversation with parents and students in reference to absenteeism and tardiness. Students have noticed and appreciate entering the building in a more efficient manner that also decreases wait time and gets them to class sooner.” The Office of Attendance is looking forward to utilizing all of the added features and expanding the use of Swipe K12 throughout the district!