Superintendent Cerf Addresses Newark Students Preparing for College

Superintendent Cerf speaks to rising college freshmen and seniors who attended Newark College Freshman Institute’s (NCFI) four-day annual event

[Newark, NJ - August 10, 2016] Superintendent Christopher D. Cerf of Newark Public Schools (NPS) addressed 150 Newark students at the Prudential Center yesterday who attended Newark College Freshman Institute’s (NCFI) four-day event that helps rising college freshmen and seniors prepare for college and a professional career. NCFI is an annual event that features seminars, guest speakers and activities that help Newark students develop the skills that will help them achieve academic and professional success, including: resume writing, interviewing, financial management, social media etiquette, leadership, stress management and time management.

“In this increasingly global economy, it is so important that we prepare our students for success,” said Superintendent Cerf. “Statistics show that college graduates will earn more money over their lifetime and live longer, healthier lives. The Newark College Freshman Institute is helping Newark students as they pursue academic and professional careers by teaching them skills they will need in order to successfully navigate college or a job interview.”

Newark residents who are entering their freshmen year at a four year college or university are eligible to attend. For the first time this year, NCFI also accepted rising college seniors who graduated from a Newark high school to ensure they have the skills they need as they prepare to finish their degree and enter the workforce.

Rising college freshmen who attended the four-day seminar will receive a stipend for their participation. Students who complete their first year of college are guaranteed to receive a paid internship in Newark that summer.

The NCFI was created to help Newark students cultivate the skills they will need to be successful in their first year of college with the ultimate goal of ensuring that students complete their first year. For more information, please visit: