Make West Side High School Your #1 Choice

Today, we continue our series on the six comprehensive high schools in Newark. The Newark Enrolls application process closes on February 11, 2022.

“The focus at West Side High School is an emphasis on business and finance,” shared Superintendent León. “The mission of this school is to nurture students’ entrepreneurial spirit at the intersection of relationship, innovation, and passion,” he noted.

The mission of West Side High School is to prepare all of our students for college, career, and citizenship. We will provide a safe, clean, positive, and supportive learning environment in which all students can successfully develop socially, emotionally, and academically. We want children to be in positions to lead lives of enduring quality and accomplishment. We regard development of both intellect (academic proficiency) and strength of character as a prime means to success.

“West Side’s willingness to meet students where they are is non-negotiable,” said Principal Cook. “We need to find out what a student’s genius level is and harness what they’re passionate about than forge the two. Using an Individual Learning Plan while reverse engineering how to obtain that specific living wage is the ideal way to expose our students to what post-secondary success truly looks like,” he pointed out.

Scarlet Avila-Bryant is a senior at West Side High School who shares that “Being dually enrolled in college level courses in high school has been the most terrifying yet rewarding experience. It gives you a good sense of the college experience. It is all worth it in the end. I graduate in June with a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree! That’s half of college already finished.”

Here is a focus on West Side High School:

Academics and College & Career Readiness

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Agriculture (Urban Farming)
  • Catering
  • Cosmetology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Music Technology
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Video Game Design

Premier Academies

  • Dual Enrollment with Associates Degree in Business Administration or Supply Chain Management
  • Dual Enrollment courses with Montclair State University
  • Dual Enrollment (MSI) with NJIT

Co-Curricular Programs

  • Clubs: Debate, Freshman Class, Sophomore Class Club, Junior Class, Senior Class, Honor Society, Human Rights Club, Pathways to College, Robotics, School Newspaper, Ski Club, Student Council, Yearbook
  • Athletics: Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, Bowling, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Indoor Track, Football, Soccer, Softball, Boys’ Volleyball, Girls’ Volleyball


  • Lights On! Program at West Side!
  • 1st cohort graduating June of 2022 with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration or Supply Chain Management from Essex County College
  • COVID vaccination site and the start of Vaccine for Teens initiative in Newark

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health
At West Side High School, we pride ourselves on community support and development. Through the efforts of our Student Support Team, we provide social, emotional, and learning support to students and their families. Group and individual counseling are provided in the areas of social skills development, conflict resolutions, trauma, grief, and loss. In addition, we have a number of community agencies and hospitals that we partner with to service the various health needs of our students and families. West Side High School is committed to ensuring that the whole child and their family’s needs are met.

Alumni Support to West Side High School
The West Side High School Alumni Association provides yearly scholarships, purchase uniforms for the athletic program, provide pregame meals for our football team, provide transportation for athletic venues to the New Balance Track Invitational in Greensboro NC, sponsored teacher appreciation day events, hosted a student Meet & Greet Day with the Alumni Day, and grief counseling with a pastoral component for families, to name a few. Our trademark event is our West Side Hall of Fame. We have inducted approximately 65 alumni, teachers, and community activists into the WSHS Hall of Fame. Here is a list of the few greats who have walked the halls at West Side High School.

  • Donald Bradley, Newark Municipal Council President
  • Milton Bulkum, Pro Football Player for Canadian football league
  • Mark Caesar, Pro Football Player for Miami Dolphins
  • Ray Chambers, Philanthropist & Former Owner of NJ Nets
  • Caroline Clark, Captain of Newark Police Department
  • Robert Epps, Engineer & Scientist for United States Army
  • Gary Hayes, Teacher & Administrator Newark Public Schools
  • Leonard Moore, Supervisor of Newark Public Schools
  • Nathaniel Potts, Director of City of Newark Education Program; Principal of West Side High School
  • Wayne Smith, Mayor of Irvington
  • Gary Taylor, Athletic Director & Founder of Alumni Association
  • Robert Taylor, Principal & Coach, Kenilworth Schools
  • Gary Westberry, Athletic Director at Weequahic & Founding member
  • Fernard Williams, Principal West Side High School & Detective of Newark Police Department
  • Mary Bennett, Principal of Malcolm X Shabazz High School
  • Bessie Walker, Newark Municipal Councilwoman & President of Alumni Association
  • Tahir Whitehead, National Football League Player
  • And, a super long list of simply incredible people.