Make Central High School Your #1 Choice


This series continues our efforts to highlight the six comprehensive high schools in Newark before the Newark Enrolls application process closes next month by featuring each one of these schools.

“Over one decade ago, the Broader Bold Approach at Central High School coordinated efforts with and across a feeder pattern of elementary schools,” recalls Superintendent León. “We know its structure, we know it works, and we are poised to see its return as today we feature the fourth comprehensive high school.”

Completing a career academy program while in high school better prepares our students to make informed college and career decisions. At Central High School, teachers and staff educate the whole child by focusing on preparing all students for college and career success. They support all students’ needs by designing and carrying out programs that offer all students a rich educational experience and opportunities for students to explore academy careers and interests through external partnerships. The principal of Central High School, Terri Mitchell, believes that it is the responsibility of her staff to prepare students for their future. “For our students to have the best chance of fulfilling their potential, learning in and through career exploration must be part of their education, and to achieve this, we must all work together to provide our children with the complete education they deserve.”

Here at Central High School, our premiere academies include the Dental Academy and Environmental Studies Academy. Students accepted in the Dental Academy are engaged by 2 dental hygienists in a state-of-the-art dental lab. Our dental lab is the place where students gain knowledge to become a radiology certified dental assistant and CPR certified. “This Academy lasts all 4 years of high school, and it's a program that prepares students for future careers in Dentistry. We are provided with interactive activities, and even have equipment used in actual dental offices,” said Toni Greer, a tenth-grade Dental student. Students accepted in the Environmental Studies Academy are engaged in internships that give students hands-on experiences needed to prepare them for environmental careers in resource management, engineering, business, non-profit work, law, conservation, or education.

Here is a focus on Central High School:

Academics and College & Career Readiness

  • The school currently offers Dual-Enrollment courses through partnerships with the following post-secondary institutions: Howard University, NJIT, Rutgers-Newark, Essex County College
  • The school currently offers Advanced Placement and Honors courses to students who are accepted in the Central High School Opportunity Program, CHSOP. Students accepted in this program will be enrolled in rigorous courses such as:
    • AP Calculus
    • AP Computer Science
    • AP English Language & Composition
    • AP English Literature
    • AP U.S. History
    • AP Government & Politics
    • AP Biology
    • AP French

Premier Academies

  • Central High School Dental Academy is one of our premier academies that is taught by 2 dental hygienists in a state-of-the-art dental lab. In partnership with Rutgers School of Dental Medicine and Quality Dental School of Technology, students gain knowledge to become certified dental assistants and radiology and CPR certified. These certifications prepare students for careers in dentistry such as dental assistants and technicians.
    • Students will also compete in HOSA (Health Occupation Student Association) state and regional competitions.
  • Central High School Environmental Studies Academy is one of our premier academies that is taught by Science teachers using an on-site greenhouse, urban garden, and science labs. In partnership with Kean University, Solar One, and PSEG, students participate in paid internships to work alongside farmers planting, growing, & harvesting vegetables.

Co-Curricular Programs

  • Central High School Athletics is the 2nd largest in the district, coaching scholar athletes in the following sports:
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Volleyball
    • Soccer
    • Tennis
    • Baseball/Softball
    • Track & Field/Cross Country
    • Bowling
    • Swimming
    • Cheerleading
  • Central High School offers programs that students can join to be well rounded members of their school community with interests in the following clubs, teams, and organizations:
    • Debate & Speech
    • Robotics
    • National Honor Society
    • Student Council
    • Newspaper
    • Yearbook
    • Literary Magazine


  • Quarterly Honor Roll & Perfect Attendance Celebrations
  • Student of the Month per Grade Level
  • Most Improved Award for students focus and accomplish short term goals

Social, Emotional, and Mental Health

  • Morning Convocation-Monthly Motivational Themes, School Song, School Improvement Updates
  • Advisories–Weekly Character-Building Activities during an Extended Homeroom
  • CHS C.A.R.E.–Students focus on Character, Accountability, Responsibility, & Excellence Workshops
  • Restorative Circles – Students engage in SEL lessons with support staff after positive student management sessions
  • Sisters Inspiring Sisters – Female students engaged in inspiring workshops geared towards self-esteem and sisterhood
  • My Brothers’ Keeper – Male students are engaged in empowering workshops geared towards decision-making and brotherhood

CHS Alumni

  • LaMonica McIver – Newark Central Ward Councilwoman
  • Dr. La’Quetta Small – Superintendent of Atlantic City School District
  • Mayor Kenneth Gibson - First African American Mayor of Newark
  • Joe Clark – Renowned Educator and Principal of Paterson East Side High School
  • Walter Devlin - Former NBA player
  • Patrick Cole - Former Division I NCAA Basketball Player
  • Mohamed Kamara – Current Division I NCAA Football Player
  • And, a super long list of simply great people!