Creating an Educational Ecosystem to Benefit Newark Children

NPS CLARITY 2020’S First Set of Reports to Presented to the Public

Academic, Business, and Civic Partners Present Their Formal Presentations on the Future of Education in Newark

NEWARK, NJ – April 29, 2019 – Academic, business and civic partners, who comprise 9 stakeholder groups, will make their final presentation on their recommendations on the future of education in Newark to Newark Schools Superintendent Roger León, members of the Board of Education and the Newark community on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. The presentation will take place from 6 – 8 p.m. at the Paul Robeson Center at Rutgers University, 350 Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard in Newark. The recommendations will be incorporated into the NPS Clarity 2020 plan.

The formal presentation of the findings of the 9 stakeholder groups will be presented on May 1. The final plan will be presented on June 13. According to the Superintendent, NPS Clarity 2020 is intended to create a one-year strategic plan that fuels and funnels a 10-year strategic plan entitled The Next Decade: 2020-2030. He said, “Every voice in Newark can help us move closer to the ultimate goal of creating a new educational ecosystem in Newark, that will benefit our students, our district and our city for the next 10 years.

The foundation of the future of education in Newark is presented in NPS Clarity 2020. NPS Clarity 2020 is the strategic plan that has at its core, to identify how we begin to develop schools and students in a way that students and the community have long desired and deserved, according to Superintendent León. The objectives of this one-year strategic plan are three-fold. The three major public components of the plan are a Community Conversation, hosted by the Superintendent in January at which more than 300 people attended, followed by 9 roundtable stakeholder teams who have met regularly to develop plans in 9 categories, followed by the final presentation.

The second public element of NPS Clarity 2020 is the Formal Presentation to the Superintendent from the 9 stakeholder groups who were charged with developing a plan. The meeting to present the plan will be held on May 1 at the Paul Robeson Center at Rutgers University. The final public element of NPS Clarity 2020 is the unveiling of the Strategic Plan in June.

Superintendent Leon added, “As we continue to expand our plans for every student to excel, we also began a journey of what education should look like in Newark. From the start, we knew community input (government, civic and business) would be a part of the narrative because of their significance in moving our students forward. I look forward to their presentation on May 1.”

The public is encouraged to attend.