Enrollment Audit

Important Note: In compliance with regulation the SID Snapshot will now be taken Friday, October 13th, 2017.

In order to have an accurate count of student enrollment, complete student information and up-to-date student classifications for special education and ELL, Special Program enrollment for the October 13 snapshot, schools will complete an enrollment audit process.

Salesforce and PowerSchool Enrollment

  1. Run Salesforce enrollment report and compare against PowerSchool enrollment. All students placed and attending school should be enrolled in PowerSchool. If there are students in Salesforce not attending school, please follow the 10 Day Guidance to transfer students out of Salesforce.

PowerSchool Enrollment: System of Record for October 13 Enrollment Snapshot

  1. Data Quality: Run the Missing Data Report. See attached document for guidance on running the report.
    1. The Missing Student Data Report will list students who are missing required data for the NJSMART state submission, which in turn affects the ASSA enrollment count.
    2. Invalid Exit Codes will list students who have invalid exit codes. Schools should investigate and find students’ whereabouts to determine the correct Exit Code. If the school cannot find the student, T1, T2 or missing exit codes will default to D8. Student records with D8 will negatively impact a school.
    3. NJ State CDS Code Error Report will list the students that have CDS codes populated in the NJ State SID page and have one of the following errors:
      1. the current school is different in the NJ State SID page
      2. at least the Attending County, District or School code is entered and the rest of the fields are empty
      3. the Resident County, District and School Code is different than the Attending School but not all nine CDS codes are entered
  2. Accurate Enrollment Count and Student Classifications: Schools will run, review and update as necessary the following reports to ensure they reflect accurate information in PowerSchool:
    1. Class Rosters Verify the students: HR, Name, grade, age, ethnicity, gender, LEP status, and Classification.
    2. Enrollment Summary Use this to get the total enrollments at each grade level.
    3. Special Ed Validation by HR Use this report to ensure that the student has a classification and the classification aligns to their self-contained or special program placement.
    4. NJ ASSA Enrollment Used to verify the general education enrollment and special education enrollment by grade level

Refer to the Student Enrollment Audit for October 13, 2017 and NJ ASSA for guidance on running the reports

  1. Schools will print reports and meet with a member of the Student Information Services Office at 2 Cedar to review data. Please see schedule below for the date assigned to your network.
Network Date Location
Dr. Yolanda Mendez September 25, 2017 9th Floor Computer Lab
Robert Gregory September 26, 2017 9th Floor Computer Lab
Erskine Glover September 27, 2017 9th Floor Computer Lab
Carolyn Granato & Kathy Duke-Jackson September 29, 2017 9th Floor Computer Lab
  1. Schools will monitor student data and update as necessary leading up to October 13.
  2. On October 13, schools will run the listed reports and email to Elsa Reyes at ereyes@nullnps.k12.nj.us. These reports should reflect the final student enrollment count and appropriate classifications. The data should not be updated or changed in PowerSchool after the reports are run and sent. The Student Information Services Office will extract the final data from PowerSchool at 8:00 AM on October 13, 2017 to do final updates. Schools can resume transfers and data updates on October 14, 2017.