Valedictorians, Salutatorians & 3E Awards 2017

This year, the 3 E’s Award expanded to incorporate seniors who represent the best in Equity, Effort and Excellence. A total of 88 students were honored this year at the awards ceremony at the Mediterranean Manor. The honorees included the Valedictorians, Salutatorians and students from each high school who represents Equity, Effort and Excellence. Congratulations to all!

American History High School

AHHS - Genesis CanelaGenesis Canela
Valedictorian: Genesis is an exceptional student with an innate passion for learning. She has been enrolled in honors courses since her freshman year, and is currently balancing both AP and Essex County College courses. In addition, Genesis is the captain of the Debate Team, is the Junior cheerleading coach, a Rutgers Future Scholar and participates in volleyball, softball and the science club. Genesis will continue her education at Davidson College.

AHHS - Alexis EtesAlexis Etes
Salutatorian: Alexis has worked diligently every year to maintain her academics. Alexis took advantage of the high school initiative program at her local county college, where she completed college level credits. Outside of academics, Alexis is dedicated to caring for her family, while participating in various community and social endeavors. Alexis will be continuing her education at Rutgers New Brunswick.

AHHS - Tracy AmohTracy Amoh
Equity: Amongst Tracy’s peers, she is the voice of reason and sincerity. Many times teachers have recognized Tracy for her helpfulness in the classroom and her all around positive attitude. Her caring nature and personality allow her to work well with others in a team setting, and she always respects others’ opinions, even when they differ from her own. Tracy will be continuing her education at Rutgers Newark.

AHHS - Ayonna HowardAyonna Howard
Effort: At a very young age Ayonna was forced to grow up fast and take full responsibility for her life as well as her siblings’. She knows that hard work pays off and is committed to giving her all. She challenged herself with a very rigorous and demanding course load, taking AP and Essex County College classes. She is a team-player, a leader, and very dedicated to all that she takes on. Ayonna will be continuing her education at Montclair State

AHHS - Tami-Ann TreasureTami-Ann Treasure
Excellence: Tami-Ann is a wonderful hardworking student. She is respected by her peers and always helps her classmates when they are having difficulty. Amongst her peers she is considered “the positive one.” Tami has decided to return to her home country of Jamaica to study medicine at the University of West Indies.

Arts High School

AHS - Lucia CoutoLucia Couto
Valedictorian: In addition to academic excellence, Lucia is a leader and a standout in her major of dance. She is an athlete, a peer leader, and a member of the National Honor Society and Pathways to College. At Arts High, you could find Lucia at the head of almost any activity or organization. Lucia will continue to make Arts High proud, as she attends Harvard University next year.

AHS - Amanda Oliveira-FabriAmanda Oliveira-Fabri
Salutatorian: Amanda Oliveira-Fabri is an exceptional athlete, artist, scholar, peer leader, student body leader and friend. She and the Valedictorian have been neck-and-neck academically for four years, and her academic success is impressive. Amanda will be proudly attending Rutgers Newark next year.

AHS - Kayla MuldrowKayla Muldrow
Equity: Kayla is a shining example that one person can make a difference. Kayla only needs to walk into a room to bring new energy and meaning to whatever conversation or activity she joins. However, the peace and happiness on her exterior hides a razor-sharp intellect and an old soul. Kayla has earned a full scholarship to one of the most prestigious and competitive art schools in the country, and she will be continuing her education at Cooper Union.

AHS - Lamont RouseLamont Rouse
Effort: Lamont is a young man who has endured more than his fair share of challenges. Lamont has been a student of Arts HS since the 6th grade, and we have watched him grow into a young man with a purpose and a drive to succeed. We know he will continue to make his Arts High family and his own family proud. Lamont will be continuing his education at Caldwell University on a full scholarship.

AHS - Yaritza DuperoyYaritza Duperoy
Excellence: Yaritza is an active artist, athlete, and scholar, who gives her best to everything she does, no matter how large or small. Yaritza is a strong leader who is also not afraid to step back and become a great team player. Always with a smile and a positive attitude, Yaritza balances her personal needs with the needs of her peers and community. Yaritza will be continuing her education at Montclair State University.

Bard Early College High School

Bard - Emily EspinalEmily Espinal
Valedictorian: Emily is an outstanding student across the board, excelling in humanities and sciences alike. She is a straight A student and a brilliant writer. Emily has also contributed to her school community as a Student Ambassador. She is planning a career as a veterinarian and will be continuing her education at Rutgers New Brunswick.

Bard - Renee OnqueRenee Onque
Salutatorian: Renee is outstanding inside and outside the classroom. She has consistently earned A grades in her high school and Early College classes. Renee has achieved this academic success while also serving as a Student Ambassador, as a member of the National Honor Society and as the President of Student Government. Renee will be continuing her education at Lincoln University.

Bard - Naim Ali-PachecoNaim Ali-Pacheco
Equity: Naim is not just a Student Ambassador, he is the ultimate ambassador for Bard. He embodies uniqueness, his enthusiasm for the school is contagious, and he is so comfortable in his own skin that he makes everyone else feel comfortable in theirs too. Naim was a Student Government officer last year and has tirelessly served Bard’s school community. Naim will be continuing his education at Bard College.

Bard - Alexis MathiesonAlexis Mathieson
Effort: Through hard work, determination, and an indomitable spirit, Alexis has climbed her way up the class rankings each year, finishing in the top ten in her class. Alexis is also a Student Ambassador, a member of the National Honor Society, and a joy to say hello to in the halls each day. Alexis will be continuing her education at Rutgers University.

Bard - Marisol SotoMarisol Soto
Excellence: Marisol has defined academic excellence throughout her years at Bard. She hit the ground running, earning all A’s as a 9th grader, and her successes have continued as she moved into Bard’s rigorous Early College program. Marisol is a Student Ambassador and embodies achievement in everything she does. Marisol will be continuing her education at Rutgers University.

Barringer Academy of Arts & Humanities

Barringer Arts - Vivian PeraltaVivian Peralta
Valedictorian: Vivian is a thoughtful, bright, talented and community-oriented young lady. She serves as student government president and is consistently involved with community service activities. She is a shining example of the American Dream and all that is attainable for those who immigrate to America. Vivan will be continuing her education at Rutgers University.

Barringer Arts - Kiara Tiffany FloresKiara Tiffany Flores
Salutatorian: Kiara is kind, considerate, compassionate, thoughtful and exemplifies the best in Barringer Academy of the Arts and Humanities. She embraces the school’s core values of “be brave”, “show up” and “I am enough”! Kiara will be continuing her education at Montclair State University.

Barringer Arts - Jameila Chesteen JamesJameila Chesteen James
Equity: Jameila embodies fairness. On several occasions, she has been caught “doing good” by redirecting new students to their classrooms, assisting main office staff with student related activities, and participating in peer mediation. Jameila will be continuing her education at Bloomfield College.

Barringer Arts - Christopher J GibbsIn Memoriam Christopher J. Gibbs
Effort: Christopher was an industrious and entrepreneurial student. His demeanor exemplified thoughtful and great leadership. One example of this was his design and leadership of a gaming center for interested students at Barringer Academy of the Arts and Humanities. He successfully prepared the curriculum and support materials to teach others about gaming. Christopher was accepted to a number of colleges and chose to attend Westchester Community College. CJ, as he was called by many who knew him, left an indelible mark on the students, faculty and administration of Barringer Academy of the Arts and Humanities.

Barringer Arts - Amadu JallohAmadu Jalloh
Excellence: Amadu embodies excellence, equity and effort in all that he does. He is outgoing, is a student ambassador, and makes every attempt to excel academically. Amadu will be continuing his education at Monroe College.

Barringer Academy of S.T.E.A.M.

Barringer STEAM - Jose Pacheco QuirosJose Pacheco Quiros
Valedictorian: Jose holds the highest academic achievement out of a class of 177 students. He is competitive, articulate and determined to succeed. He has learned to balance the demands of AP Coursework in addition to the demands of his athletic and social commitments. Jose is a natural leader and will be continuing his education at Rutgers University.

Barringer STEAM - Kiara Tiffany FloresKiara Tiffany Flores
Salutatorian: Anibely holds the second highest academic achievement out of a class of 177 students. She is excited about the future and has many aspirations. She is enthusiastic about her education, and is driven and motivated by challenge. Anibely will be continuing her education at Kean University.

Barringer STEAM - Greyssi ReyesGreyssi Reyes
Equity: Greyssi is an advocate for other students, and consistently assists her peers through challenges. She is never afraid to take on a challenge if it proves to assist others. Greyssi will be continuing her education at Kean University.

Barringer STEAM - Ebony JonesEbony Jones
Effort: Ebony is hard working and adaptable, no matter the challenge. She has balanced motherhood while remaining competitive academically, and works tirelessly without ever lending an excuse. Ebony will be continuing her education at Essex County College.

Barringer STEAM - Ted ZolueTed Zolue
Excellence: Ted is a transfer student from Liberia and has demonstrated such strength and commitment within the limited amount of time that he has been in the United States. He has worked diligently to catch up and meet the graduation requirements of Newark Public Schools. He is the epitome of excellence. Ted is currently deciding between several college offers.

Central High School

Central HS - Cynthia LopezCynthia Lopez
Valedictorian: In addition to her academic achievements, Cynthia has served as the President of the National Honors Society and the Teen Council President for the Essex County 4H program. Upon graduation, Cynthia plans to continue her nature of helping others by studying Forensic Science, with dreams of ultimately becoming a forensic anthropologist. Cynthia will continue her education at Pace University.

Central HS - Rokia FaneRokia Fane
Salutatorian: Rokia is regarded highly by her teachers for her commitment to earning outstanding grades. She has been recognized for Outstanding Academics at Essex County National Banquet Awards, has received the Scholar Recognition Award, and is a member of the National Honor Society and Super Honor Roll. Rokia will continue her education at Montclair State University.

Central HS - Mariam ToureMariam Toure
Equity: Mariam came to Central HS as an ESL student who possessed limited English skills. During her academic years she has assisted other ESL students in navigating the school system, helping them develop their English skills, navigate their class schedules, and providing them with information about school and community based organizations. Mariam will be continuing her education at Essex County College.

Central HS - Raysa Garcia-GuzmanRaysa Garcia-Guzman
Effort: Raysa sets herself apart from most students, in that her aspirations to achieve and maintain solid grades comes from within. She is an asset in all her classes and is respected by her teachers as well as her peers. She is an individual that without a doubt will continue to excel and have a bright future. Raysa plans to become a CPA, and will be continuing her education at Essex County College.

Central HS - Oriana SelbyOriana Selby
Excellence: Oriana has been honored amongst faculty and her peers for her ability to articulate her thoughts, as well as execute her goals. Over the past two years Oriana has participated on the debate team, competing statewide amongst her peers and participating in the Stand and Deliver program, at which she has performed several original pieces on social justice. Oriana plans to become a pediatrician, and will be continuing her education at Tuskegee University.

East Side High School

East Side HS - Natalie De RosaNatalie De Rosa
Valedictorian: Natalie currently holds a 4.7 GPA with all AP and Honors classes. Her accomplishments and her school and community service have been quite amazing. What stands out is her work with Habitat for Humanity on Saturdays to build and renovate homes in Newark for low income families. Natalie will be continuing her education at Amherst College.

East Side HS - Vitor Dos AnjosVitor Dos Anjos
Salutatorian: Vitor currently holds a 4.4 GPA with all AP and Honor classes. Vitor’s story is filled with hardships and obstacles but his perseverance has been quite remarkable. Vitor’s contributions to East Side have been countless as he is the Co-President of the Student Council and National Honor Society and Captain of the Robotics Team. Vitor will be continuing his education at Swarthmore College.

East Side HS - Jaykumar PatelJaykumar Patel
Equity: Jaykumar has led by example with moral character, and kindness. For the last four years he has been an unsung hero at East Side High School. He was the VP of marketing and was the point man for photography and all graphic needs. When he had no time during his busy AP loaded schedule, he would work at home. Jaykumar will be continuing his education at Rutgers University.

East Side HS - Fernando J HernandezFernando J. Hernandez
Effort: Fernando started as an ESL student but today is enrolled in East Side’s Early College Program and is taking AP and honors classes. Fernando works very hard, spending hours on his studies and working part-time in construction. Fernando‘s character, kindness, hard work, and ethics are second to none. Fernando will be continuing his education at New Jersey City University.

East Side HS - Jeury DipreJeury Dipre
Excellence: Jeury exemplifies excellence in all that he does. He is a Cooperman Scholar and was enrolled as a junior with Essex County College, from which he will be receiving an Associates Degree at his high school graduation. Jeury will be entering The College of New Jersey on a full academic scholarship this fall.

Fast Track Success Academy

Fast Track - Joshua TolerJoshua Toler
Valedictorian: Joshua is a proven leader. He has served on the Fast Track Policy Council for the past year, and is chief editor of the yearbook committee. Joshua’s leadership ability also takes flight in the community, as he recently completed an externship via the Newark Mayor’s Office and has been awarded a 2017 Young Leaders two-year Fellowship through the Aspen Institute. Joshua will be continuing his education at Essex County College.

Fast Track - Khalid GlennKhalid Glenn
Salutatorian: Khalid truly embodies the definition of tenacity and is highly motivated. Khalid completed his high school coursework this past January and since then has enrolled in Algebra ad Coding online classes to get ahead. Khalid was one of the recipients of the 2017 Essex County Academic Excellence Award, and was nominated to receive a “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for Excellence,” for his tenacity in overcoming challenges. Khalid will be continuing his education at Union County College.

Fast Track - Tanayah MalkerTanayah Malker
Equity: Tanayah has consistently put forth great effort in both her academic and leadership endeavors. In an effort to create an opportunity for all students to participate in the senior class celebrations, Tanayah, took the initiative to open a student store, the proceeds from which will offset the cost of senior dues for students experiencing financial hardship. Tanayah will be continuing her education at Empire Beauty School of Montclair, New Jersey.

Fast Track - Kayatu DousuahKayatu Dousuah
Effort: Kayatu Dousuah is a tireless advocate for herself and her future. This semester, Kayatu has been taking a full schedule of classes at Fast Track during the day and then remains at school in order to take three classes through the Newark Evening Educational Center. Kayatu will be continuing her education at The Travel Academy in Minnesota.

Fast Track - Kevin ThomasKevin Thomas
Excellence: Kevin has taken various leadership roles in and out of class, including running for and being elected to the school Policy Council, co-founding a student-run organization called the Professional Attire Crew (P.A.C.) to encourage students to dress for success, and volunteering to be one of the chief editors on the yearbook committee. Kevin will be continuing his education at Essex County College.

John F. Kennedy School

JFK - Rosalba CoronaRosalba Corona
Valedictorian: Rosalba has grown to be a very independent student at JFK. She is a self-starter and once given a task she can often complete it without further guidance. Rosalba is helpful around the school and takes initiative in the classroom and around the building as a role model. Rosalba will be getting a job and attending the After 21 Program.

JFK - Roger AranaRoger Arana
Salutatorian: Roger has a helpful, take-charge spirit. He can be found helping out around the building and always willing to lend a hand. Roger’s inquisitive nature has him willing to learn new things and has made him a master many of them. Roger will be attending the After 21 Program.

JFK - Samuel RiddickSamuel Riddick
Equity: Samuel, “Sammy“, always gives you that smile that will brighten your day and helps others throughout the building. Samuel will be continuing his education at the After 21 Program.

JFK - Christopher GonzalezChristopher Gonzalez
Effort: Christopher has not let being wheel chair bound stop him from being a valuable part of JFK. He is a true advocate for the Special Needs community and a champion for those students who have mobility challenges. Christopher will be continuing his education at the After 21 Program.

JFK - Tiago RibeiroTiago Ribeiro
Excellence: Tiago is our go-to student custodial worker. He ensures that anyone coming into our building finds it in tip top shape. Tiago picks up new skills quickly which has made him a valuable member of the JFK family. Tiago plans to work post graduation.

Malcolm X Shabazz High School

MXS - Kim Anyeji-BoerrigterKim Anyeji-Boerrigter
Valedictorian: Kim is a highly determined and driven young woman. Her grades show strong performance and she has completely tailored her academic performance to match her career and life goals. In addition to Kim’s school-based accomplishments, she has been extremely active outside of the classroom. Kim will be attending Harvard University in the fall of 2017.

MXS - Jessica Ajunanchi-SarmientoJessica Ajunanchi-Sarmiento
Salutatorian: During the past three years, Jessica has proven to be a special student who has demonstrated a great deal of respect, devotion, and skill in every aspect of her scholastic and social life. The road to academic success has not been an easy one for Jessica but her belief that “each new day will be better than the previous day“ has helped her to become Salutatorian of her graduating class. Jessica will be continuing her education at The Culinary Institute of America.

MXS - Shakeim TuckerShakeim Tucker
Equity: Shakeim is one of Shabazz’s top students. Shakeim often talks about challenges that he has faced but his positive nature has allowed him to remain focused. Shakeim is known for his leadership and he serves as a role model to his peers. Shakeim enlisted into the US Navy, and he is due to leave for basic training in August 2017.

MXS - Kanniyah DewittKanniyah Dewitt
Effort: Kanniyah is a focused, ambitious person, who is honorable and kind hearted. Kanniyah handles hardship with strength, stubbornness, and perseverance. She will complete her high school career with Honors and matriculate into Bloomfield College in the Fall of 2017.

MXS - Subrena HearneSubrena Hearne
Excellence: Subrena transferred into Malcolm X Shabazz from Jamaica, in her senior year of High School and was ambitious and motivated from the moment she arrived. Subrena’s current academic standing is a testament to her hard work and dedication to herself. Surbrena will be entering the into the US Navy after graduation.

New Jersey Regional Day

NEC - David GrantDavid Grant
Equity: David’s extraordinary sense of compassion and empathy for others has made him a role model for citizenship at New Jersey Regional Day. David is the first to volunteer his help when there is a need. Throughout the years he has reached his greatest potential while consistently maintaining a positive attitude both in the classroom and on the job site. David will be attending the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities to develop his job readiness skills.

NEC - Yahya AbdullahYahya Abdullah
Effort: Yahya has been a part of the New Jersey Regional Day community since 2007. During this time he has persevered through physical and educational challenges. Throughout the years, Yahya has remained motivated and resilient. Yahya’s greatest efforts lie in advocacy; not only for himself but also for his classmates. Yahya will be attending the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities to develop his job readiness skills.

NEC - Safee Islam-HorneSafee Islam-Horne
Excellence: Safee demonstrates excellence in many ways. Safee has an incredible ability with conceptual math, word recognition and drawing. Safee always comes to school dressed to the “nines“ with clean groomed hair and stylish outfits. Safee is well liked by his peers and the staff, and has built loving relationships with all. Safee will join his family’s business while attending the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities to develop his job readiness skills.

Newark Early College High School

NEC - Rouwaida NitiemaRouwaida Nitiema
Valedictorian: Rouwaida is an outstanding scholar who currently holds an overall 4.3 GPA, ranking her the number one student in her graduating class. In addition to maintaining Super Honor Roll status, she is a member of the West Side Campus Chapter of The National Honor Society and was one of twenty students accepted as an NJ SEEDS Scholar. Rouwaida is admired and valued by administrators, staff and her peers. Rouwaida will be continuing her education at Gettysburg College.

NEC - Daniel MendezDaniel Mendez
Salutatorian: Daniel has demonstrated outstanding character and upholds a clear sense of purpose which commands the respect of his teachers and peers. Daniel has taken numerous Advanced Placement courses and was elected as a student leader within Newark Early College and the National Honor Society. Daniel’s high standards of respect are demonstrated in the courtesy and respect with which he treats those he encounters. Daniel will be continuing his education at Rutgers New Brunswick.

NEC - Dynesha WigginsDynesha Wiggins
Equity: Dynesha’s empathetic nature is apparent in her words and actions. Dynesha’s genuine concern for the well-being of those around her has garnered praise from both her teachers and her peers. Dynesha makes it a priority to treat her classmates with the same respect that she expects from them. Dynesha will be continuing her education at Stockton University.

NEC - Aliea RichardsonAliea Richardson
Effort: Aliea Richardson epitomizes strength and resilience. Heartbroken after a tragic loss, Aliea showed great courage by returning to school and maintaining her grades. She was determined to successfully complete the graduation requirements in order to graduate with her cohort. She encourages others to continue to pursue their dreams despite the physical or emotional obstacles that may come. Aliea will be continuing her education at Union County College.

NEC - Michael LawrenceMichael Lawrence
Excellence: Michael Lawrence demonstrates excellence in his character and academics. Michael is not only articulate, but he is a grounded individual who challenges himself and actively seeks new opportunities and experiences. Michael is a leader, having served two consecutive terms as vice president of Student Government and held the position of co-captain of the debate team. Michael will be continuing his education at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Newark Leadership Academy

NLA - Elaan Graham-VickersElaan Graham-Vickers
Valedictorian & Excellence Award Recipient: Elaan is articulate, deeply socially conscious, and an outstanding student. Well informed and opinionated, she takes leadership in the classroom, pursues her own passions and interests, and holds herself to the highest standards. She is also committed to improving the world around her. Elaan will be continuing her education at Hudson County College.

NLA - Ja-Quilla Drake-FanielJa-Quilla Drake-Faniel
Salutatorian: Ja-Quilla has earned the second highest cumulative GPA at Newark Leadership Academy through hard work and by pursuing her own personal growth and transformation. She has shown herself to be motivated and self-directed and capable of achieving at the highest level. Ja-Quilla currently works in retail and plans to apply to colleges in the fall.

NLA - Emyne Ward-EveretteEmyne Ward-Everette
Equity: Emyne cares about the school community and is willing to step up to build camaraderie. She actively seeks out opportunities to work with staff and peers to improve the climate and culture of the building. Specifically, she is extremely dedicated to restorative practices and holds her peers to the highest standards. Emyne is planning to continue her education at Bloomfield College.

NLA - Rennee CrandellRennee Crandell
Effort: Rennee has experienced a number of challenges in her life, but she has made a conscious decision to advocate for herself and take pride in her work. Not only has she flourished this year, she has become one of Newark Leadership Academy’s star students. Rennee will be continuing her education at Essex County College.

Newark Vocational High School

Newark Vocational - Iyanna MitnaulIyanna Mitnaul
Valedictorian: Iyanna’s commitment to success is not only stellar, but also praiseworthy. She was the manager of the volleyball and basketball teams, is a member of the Girlz Group – a program that empowers young women – and the Perfectly Posh program, which fosters entrepreneurship skills. Iyanna is an advocate for social justice and is known for her ability to champion student concerns. Iyanna plans to pursue a career in obstetrics and gynecological medicine and will be continuing her education at Caldwell University.

Newark Vocational - Robert CabosRobert Cabos
Salutatorian: Robert is a hard-working young man who doesn’t allow his circumstances to dictate his ability to face challenges head on. School staff and peers alike consider him a role model and an inspiration. Robert takes advantage of every opportunity presented to him. Robert will be continuing his education at a Computer Science program in the fall.

Newark Vocational - Javonne JonesJavonne Jones
Equity: Javonne is characterized as being supportive, even tempered and a good listener. He is the type of individual who respects everyone and sees others’ perspective. Javonne is also a valuable member of the West Side Basketball team, where his sportsmanship epitomizes the essence of true team spirit. Javonne will be continuing his education at Essex County College.

Newark Vocational - Melton ClemonsMelton Clemons
Effort: Over the past four years, Melton has championed over many challenges and struggles. However, he prefers to focus on the many blessings that have come his way even in times of adversity. Melton conveys a welcomed sense of humor along with a positive outlook on his future plans. Melton will be continuing his education at Essex County College.

Newark Vocational - Tatyana RiosTatyana Rios
Excellence: Tatyana has exhibited dedication and perseverance throughout the last four years of her academic career. As a Capital One Bank Intern, she manages to work in the student operated branch of the bank, while achieving high scholastic honors. She continues to demonstrate high work ethic through her punctuality, academics and her involvement in activities inside and outside of school. Tatyana will be continuing her education at Rutgers Newark.

Science Park High School

Science Park - Oscar Joel Cosme-LopezOscar Joel Cosme-Lopez
Valedictorian: Oscar stands out as a top-ranking senior academically, currently ranked #1 in the senior class. Oscar is a serious, independent and determined student who consistently makes an effort to challenge himself academically while taking the most rigorous courses. Oscar is interested in pursuing a career as either a cardiovascular surgeon or neurosurgeon. Oscar will be attending Yale University in the fall.

Science Park - Jahlin Jinei FernandezJahlin Jinei Fernandez
Salutatorian: Jahlin has consistently maintained an honors and AP case load and works hard to sustain her academic standing. During Jahlin’s high school career, she has taken on countless diverse experiences, including significant involvement in issues involving social justice. Jahlin will be attending Columbia University in the fall.

Science Park - Jessica RivasJessica Rivas
Equity: Jessica is an outstanding student and a compassionate, caring, and community-service oriented young lady. Her teachers have commended her for how she encourages others through her kindness and warmth. She has been an integral part of Stand & Deliver, the National Honors Society, the Spanish National Honors Society as well her church. Jessica will be continuing her education at Boston College.

Science Park - Jorge A. LaraJorge A. Lara
Effort: Jorge is a determined and driven student who has an undeniable thirst for knowledge. He has an impressive and distinct ability to balance an extraordinary amount of personal and academic responsibilities. Jorge worked 40 hours to help support his family, while also managing a significant AP course load. Jorge will be continuing his education at Rutgers University.

Science Park - Maite RodriguezMaite Rodriguez
Excellence: Maite is a well-rounded student who is in a competitive International Baccalaureate Program. She is vice-president of the Student Leadership Organization and a peer tutor. She is also an integral part of Stand and Deliver, where she has proven herself to be an inspiring public speaker. Maite has been involved in numerous organizations in different capacities to not only provide assistance but to also enhance her own learning experience. Maite will be continuing her education at New York University Stern School of Business.

Technology High School

Technology - Niruban BahetharanNiruban Bahetharan
Valedictorian: Niruban makes education his first priority and has a very rigorous schedule that includes several AP classes. As president of the National Honor Society, Niruban monitors the grades and classroom behavior of younger members, organizes community service activities and helps coordinate college trips. He plans to major in biomedical engineering to use his love of biology and engineering to enhance the lives of others. Niruban will be continuing his education at Rutgers University.

Technology - Nohad WahabNohad Wahab
Salutatorian: Nohad is one of the most resourceful, resilient, mature, and positive students you will meet. She has faced many personal challenges yet never makes excuses, works extremely hard, and is currently ranked second in her graduating class. In addition to academics and enrichment programs, Nohad finds great fulfillment in volunteering at her mosque and is a strong believer in giving back to others. Nohad will be continuing her education at Georgetown University.

Technology - Gildato Da SilviaGildato Da Silvia
Equity: Gildato exemplifies respect. He is viewed by his peers as a source of support, and a confidant. Gildato wants everyone to live a happy life and if helping with homework, escorting the new student, cheering someone up, training the new altar servers will contribute to someone’s happiness, then Gildato is glad to serve. Gildato will be continuing his education at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Technology - Sandra SantiagoSandra Santiago
Effort: Sandra has overcome many obstacles in her life. She is extremely resilient and takes setbacks in stride. Sandra is always prepared, often staying afterschool to be sure all completed assignments meet or exceed expectations. Sandra will be continuing her education at Essex County College.

Technology - Bruna RochaBruna Rocha
Excellence: Motivated, mature, focused, outgoing, inquisitive, and generous are just a few words that come to mind when describing Bruna. She has done extremely well academically, ranking fourth in her class. Bruna is pursuing a career in medicine so that she can pursue her love of science while continuing to help others. Bruna will be continuing her education at Rutgers University.

University High School

University - Sabbathina AgyeiSabbathina Agyei
Valedictorian: Sabbathina’s stellar academic record has earned her the place as Valedictorian. In addition, she has earned numerous academic accolades since freshman year, including but not limited to Principal’s List, Math Olympics, and Exemplary Excellence in all subject areas. Sabbathina is also a member of our Future Nurses Club, Junior Entrepreneur Council, Future Lawyers Club, and choir. Sabbathina will be continuing her education at Rutgers New Brunswick.

University - Diane AkasikeDiane Akasike
Salutatorian: Diane’s perseverance in University High School’s challenging college preparation curriculum is commendable. Each year she has chosen the highest level of Honors and Advanced Placement classes, and is a member of the National Honor Society. Diane has participated in an array of extracurricular activities including the Future Nurse’s Club, Debate Team, Gospel Chorus and Volleyball. Diane will be continuing her education at Rutgers New Brunswick.

University - Kyle HunterKyle Hunter
Equity: Kyle is a compassionate, patient and caring young man. Kyle is the type of young man who will give his all to assist those who are less fortunate and to those in need, and is an active volunteer with those less fortunate in the Newark community. He truly exemplifies, the statement “Treat others the way, you would like to be treated”. Kyle will be continuing his education at Stockton University.

University - Joniel GarciaJoniel Garcia
Effort: Joniel has played baseball throughout his life. He has equated the difficulty of hitting a curve ball to obstacles and struggles in life. When life throws you a curve ball, you do whatever it takes to get through it. Through hard work and perseverance, Joniel has been very academically successful. Joniel will be continuing his education at Essex County College.

University - Ashley PerezAshley Perez
Excellence: Ashley has used her time wisely and created a strong balance between academics and extracurricular activities. She is in the top 10 of the Class of 2017, and is a member of the choir, Future Nurses’ Club, Junior Entrepreneurial Club, serves as the Secretary of the National Honor Society and is a volunteer at the Newark Public Library. Ashley will be continuing her education at Rutgers University.

Weequahic High School

Weequahic - Heaven WilliamsHeaven Williams
Valedictorian: Heaven has a positive, infectious attitude that classmates admire. Her level of maturity far surpasses that of most students her age. She has a genuine concern for academics and continuously pursues mastery in all educational skills. Heaven has participated in Stand and Deliver, Student Council, the Yearbook club and National Honor Society. Heaven will be continuing her education at Rutgers University.

Weequahic - Prince AbruquahPrince Abruquah
Salutatorian: Prince is a young man of exceptional ability. While he strives for perfection in himself and hopes for perfection in others, he is nonjudgmental and tolerant of other’s attitudes. He has an academic schedule consisting of a number of AP Courses, and successfully earned college credits through participation in the Rutgers REaCH program. He has also contributed to his society through community service and volunteer activities. Prince will be continuing his education at Rutgers New Brunswick.

Weequahic - Albertine PierreAlbertine Pierre
Equity: It is rare to meet a student with as much compassion and self-awareness as Albertine. Albertine’s strength of character has not only helped her adapt to a changing environment, but she works to inspire many people with a sense of purpose. Albertine will be continuing her education at Bloomfield College.

Weequahic - Xi'Asia WrightXi’Asia Wright
Effort: Xi’Asia has shown a genuine interest in personal and professional growth. When she started with us, she was particularly shy and guarded but has become an integral member of Weequahic High School. Her resilience, positivity and humor are especially astounding given the challenges she has overcome in her life. As a survivor of what could have been catastrophic events, Xi’Asia’s strength and character has inspired her peers and administrators. Xi’Asia will be continuing her education at Lincoln University.

Weequahic - Hana CovingtonHana Covington
Excellence: Hana is a very smart young woman. She demonstrates drive, initiative, reliability and seriousness in pursuit of knowledge. During high school, Hana was the horn line captain of the Weequahic High School Marching Band. In May of 2017, Hana and the marching band won first place in the National Band Competition in Florida. Hana is also the senior class president and contributes in her community through significant volunteer work. Hannah will be continuing her education at Lincoln University.