United Airlines Air Camp Wind Tunnel Brings Science to Teachers

United Airlines sponsored a recent event at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center for STEM educators in grades 4-9 to gather tangible skills, resources, and lessons for their classrooms. The 4-hour event was hosted by Air Camp, Inc. The work session was designed to incorporate science, technology, and/or math principles, practices, and standards into their professional practice with an emphasis on aviation and aeronautics. United Airlines supports efforts to provide teachers direct and relevant information about opportunities for students to develop skills and concepts that will make them more successful in their pursuit of aviation and aeronautics opportunities in the future.

Each participant received an operational classroom wind tunnel and supporting materials to operate the wind tunnel. A total of 7 different lessons, to be adapted for classrooms Pre-K-5 and 6-12. The educators practiced assembling/disassembling their wind tunnels, learned about the science behind wind tunnels in general (as well as the engineering design process of this particular iteration), and tested all 6 lessons below in the wind tunnel for their classroom with peers in the 4-9 grade band. The group was led by Air Camp, Inc. staff providing ‘real time’ and meaningful collaboration about the lessons and how they can be used and/or adapted to fit the needs of their specific learning standards and students.