Streamlined Improvements

Boiler replacement at Mckinley Elementary School.

McKinley Elementary School received a replacement of the two Superior Manufacturer boilers that were installed in 1972. These boilers were beginning to be problematic to maintain because of the age, and wear and tear of the equipment. Under the Energy Savings Improvement Plan (ESIP), the district installed new state of the art AERCO condensing Hydronic (hot water) heating boilers. These boilers are considered the gold standard in hot water heating. The new boilers are much more compact and they are over 90% efficient. The new boilers will also lower the cost of operating and maintenance.

The Office of Facilities Management continues to implement major system upgrades through the ESIP that provided approximately $100,000,000 of building infrastructure improvements at no cost to the district. These improvements include, but are not limited to, replacing chillers (HVAC units), upgrading lighting to light emitting diode (LED), and coating roofs which will include a 15 year warranty. To date, lighting improvements have been completed in 54 schools, caulking and weather stripping in 20 schools, pipe insulation in 10 schools, boiler replacements in 2 schools, and roof coatings at 29 schools.