Serving Our Community During Spring Break

On Tuesday, April 11th, Technology HS students helped serve homeless clients at Newark Emergency Services for Families, Inc. NESF is a non-profit organization that offers an array of programs and services to individuals and families in need. This organization has a Drop-in Center that allows guests to take showers, wash and dry their clothes, receive light meals, use the telephone for business calls, and receive shelter referrals and other resources as needed.

Last year during Spring Break, a group of our students and staff joined NESF and fed the homeless and also provided them with care packages. This year, we did the same. Our students served food to their homeless guests not once, but twice, and also provided them with a to go tray. The care packages were prepared with donations received by staff, parents, students and community partners. The packages included items such as deodorant, socks, sanitary napkins, under shirts, under garments for males and females, hand sanitizers, body wash, wash cloths, lotions, hair combs, tissues, and other toiletries.

Something that we learned while working with the homeless, is that we share the common threads of humanity, and individuals who fall victim to homelessness, have a life history that is not too dissimilar from our own. Unfortunately, most homeless people do not have a strong support system. They have to be self-reliant and resilient . They have in some cases endured the unimaginable. My personal feeling is that before judging the book by its cover we should take the time and listen to their stories so that we can have a better opportunity to learn about their courage , potential and capacity to persevere and embrace change.

As Technology Panthers we stand by our core values and believe that our responsibility as citizens is to give of ourselves in ways that can help make a difference in the lives of others.

“We are Technology!”