Priority 1: “Unified and Aligned Systems,” and Strategy 1.2: “Adopt a sustainable fiscal strategy and operating budget that is aligned with the strategic plan and drives district priorities”

The School Business Administrator and her team know the importance of ensuring that the District’s budget is aligned with the strategic plan and the District priorities. The finance team is constantly identifying funding opportunities for the various engagements that the District is ensuing. As a result, the District has opened the FY 2022-2023 budget so that Principals can begin to spend their budgets as planned. Advanced orders can be placed for supplies, textbooks, services, equipment and others thus, ensuring that the orders are delivered in time for the opening of schools.

The District has funded various engagements for the graduating seniors such as Seniors Day which consists of the seniors engaging in various outdoor activities and receiving recognition for their accomplishments. Additionally, all remaining field trips for FY 2021-2022 were funded and processed for all students as planned by their Principals so that our students can end the year with engaging and educational activities.

In anticipation of opening the New Ironbound Academy in September, and schools that are growing grades, the District is providing $2.0 million to outfit the schools with furniture and equipment.

Additionally, the District partnered with the State in providing funds for continuous Covid-19 testing that occurred throughout the year for all schools and central office staff. Although the state provided reimbursement, considering the timelines of the reimbursements, the District ensured that funding was available.

In conclusion, the District is preparing to present the final Financial Forecast for the upcoming June’s Board Meeting and is also in the process of finalizing all FY 2021-2022 purchasing and other financial transactions in closing its books.