Newcomer Students at East Side High School

Inspimind’s Hispanic College Student Leaders

On February 19, 2016, 60 newcomer students from East Side High School of Newark, New Jersey were inspired with the success stories of 7 young Hispanic leaders. In this workshop, students were split into groups where the topics of self-identity, and positive influences were addressed. In their groups, students illustrated their identity by drawing on a lunchbag, and they presented their identity (presented their bag) to their immediate group. The workshop concluded with having the students write to each other positive messages followed by a final motivating statement from each student leader.

Outline for the workshop

The entire workshop will be done in Spanish

Purpose of the workshop: We’ll address the importance of self-identity, and how to express that identity to attract positive influences that will help newcomer students to adapt and adjust their lives in this country.

Logistics: The students will be split into 5 different groups. As they walk into the cafeteria, two of our program facilitators be handing out numbers (from 1-5) to each student, and the number a student receives, will represent the table they will sit at for the entire workshop; the tables will be numbered from 1-5. We will have 3 of our facilitators directing the students to sit at their corresponding tables.

Program Facilitators:

  • Albert Rodriguez-Graduate from New Jersey City University (Media Communications Major)
  • Elowis Burgos-Student at William Paterson University (Mass Media Communications Major)
  • Alejandro Rios-Graduate from Montclair State University (Family and Child Services Major)
  • Derlina Dias-Student at Montclair State University (Family and Child Services Major)
  • Jen Figueroa-Student at Montclair State University (Business Administration Major)
  • Milton De Leon-Student at Montclair State University (Anthropology Major)
  • Wilfredo Betance Jr-Graduate from Montclair State University (Business Administration Major)
  1. Introduction of Inspimind
    1. Wilfredo and his team of program facilitators will introduce themselves.
  2. Identity Exercise
    1. Purpose of the exercise
      1. This exercise is to offer the opportunity for the students to appreciate who they are, and to share their identity to their peers. We as individuals should be able to understand that we have something unique to offer to this world. Many of us may not have found our purpose, but that is ok. The ability to keep on revisiting questions like (“Who we are?), or doing exercises like this, it helps us, as individuals, to hone in on discovering our purpose.
    2. The actual exercise
      1. Students will be given a paper bag in which they’ll draw on it to express their identity. If students like to play soccer, they’ll draw a soccer ball, for example. After the students are finished drawing on their bags, they’ll present their bags (their identity) to others in their group.
  3. Speech of Positive Influences
    1. One of our program facilitators (Derlina Dias), who was born in the Dominican Republic, will be giving a speech on her experience in getting adjusted to her new life in USA when she first came to this country. Derlina will mention that by being around positive influences, she has been able to let go of the negative things in her past. In addition, she will mention how these positive influences has helped her overcome the obstacle of learning the English language.
  4. Positive Influences Exercise
    1. Purpose of the exercise
      1. The students are going to get a deeper understanding on how Derlina’s positive influences has helped her move forward with her life as a newcomer student to this country. The students are going to take her experiences of surrounding herself with positive people and apply it to their lives.
    2. The actual exercise
      1. The students will be given a bag from another student. Based on what’s drawn on the other student’s bag, they will write three positive messages in it. Afterwards, the students will receive their original bags, and they’ll read out loud their positive messages to their group. Lastly, this will be followed by a discussion within each group.
  5. Closing Remarks