Newark Vocational High School Receives Silver Medal Award for Architectural Design

The Newark Board of Education’s Vocational High School has been dramatically transformed over the last few years making it a premier educational facility. The recently completed Culinary Arts & Hospitality Academies are part of the school district’s commitment to Career Technical Education (CTE) programs.

The program will accommodate up to 250 students interested in exploring and studying the restaurant and hospitality industries. The program will also train chefs and hospitality workers, and the facility will also provide in-house dining and allow for outside catering services.

The 10,000 SF space occupies the former vocational shop classrooms, corridors and part of the cafeteria on the ground floor of this 1950’s concrete structure. The industrial aesthetic highlights exposed concrete roof structure and new ductwork. The utility runs are partially screened by wood “clouds” and “planks” to define the various spaces.

Upon entering the Culinary Arts & Hospitality Academies, one is greeted at the concierge desk and can take advantage of the well-appointed Hospitality Waiting & Lounge Area. A glass-walled classroom/conference room is also accessible from this area. Visitors are then seated in Dining Area 1 or 2. Each of these two dining areas also serve as instructional spaces.

The commercial/teaching kitchens feature a Demonstration Kitchen for first-year culinary arts students, and two additional kitchens, Skills 1 and Skills 2, for upper class students. The kitchens serve two dining areas each accommodating up to 32 diners. Dining Area 1 has uninterrupted views into the preparation and cooking areas on one side, and the interior courtyard on the other. Among other features, the kitchens share a walk-in refrigerator and freezer, pantries, dishwashing stations and a laundry room.

Special Features:

  • High-end natural, renewable wall coverings
  • Fully programmable lighting and HVAC systems
  • Complete connectivity for televised and virtual instruction
  • Seamless epoxy flooring and wall coverings in the kitchen areas