Newark School of Fashion & Design Teams Up with Macy’s To Provide Students With Blueprint Denim Washhouse Experience

Newark School of Fashion & Design
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[November 5, 2021 - Newark, NJ] The Newark Board of Education is honored to announce through the courtesy of Macy’s and their generous donation of $10,000 - the students of Newark School of Fashion & Design (NSFD) High School will be granted the opportunity of professional development through a partnership with Blueprint Denim (BPD) Washhouse, located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Students will be given the chance to work with professionals who specialize in denim wear and will curate their own denim pieces. In small cohorts of five or six, students will learn about the specifics of denim washes and colors.

“The Newark Board of Education is truly excited about this collaboration and the many ways in which our students will be exposed to real-world experiences that largely benefit their career aspirations.” shares Superintendent Roger León. “It is thanks to Macy’s and their generosity, by way of Ms. White that we can provide the students of NSFD with this one-of-a-kind opportunity.”

The partnership, spearheaded by Macy’s “First Impressions” Assistant-Designer, Rakiyah White; came about as a way to further motivate and support students whose career objectives revolve around fashion. “My goal is to give students a hands-on real-life experience, that can motivate their career in fashion design” stated White. “I was able to take the denim class at BPD Washhouse along with my colleagues and we absolutely loved it. Experimenting with the different techniques on my own personal garments – I know for sure the students will have a blast and get their creative juices flowing!”. Ms. White shares her hope that this partnership will contribute to future collaborations and give students a glimpse of what the real world of fashion entails from a production aspect.

"For BPD, sharing our knowledge and experience is a top priority. This partnership between BPD, Macy's, and NSFD is a great way to inspire a new generation of student designers. Our hope in this partnership is that it will give NSFD students a glimpse into the professional world of fashion and give them confidence in their talent” said BPD Washhouse Representative, Bill Curtin. As a company, BPD specializes in taking the vision in a designer’s mind and making it real. They also strive to teach the benefits of sustainability in the fashion industry.

On the East Coast, BPD Washhouse serves as the only full-service commercial denim wet and dry process facility. Considered a true denim studio for pure development with a creative atmosphere with technical knowledge – the Washhouse provides courses in Denim 101. Classes consist of tutorials on how denim is made along with an in-depth explanation on the types of terminology used in the focus and hands-on training and designing. Working with brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, and many more, students will be granted an all-around production experience.

“I’m ecstatic that grant funding provided by Macy's will allow Newark School of Fashion & Design students to engage in techniques at the BPD Washhouse such as stone washing, tinting, and pigment spraying using denim as their fashion medium,” stated Principal Sakina Pitts of Newark School of Fashion Design. “Aligned with the vision of Newark School of Fashion & Design High School, the opportunity for our students to engage in this experience funded by the Macy's grant will allow them to use some of the latest technology innovations at the BPD Washhouse to manifest their own personal creative styles using denim fabric and articles of clothing.