Newark Continues to Lead the Way with PreSchool Expansion Across the District

Speedway Avenue student explores “a lens into Pre-K”
Speedway Avenue student explores “a lens into Pre-K”

The Office of Early Childhood was excited to receive the return of more than 6,000 prekindergarten students to school on Tuesday, September 5th. As part of its commitment to increasing the early childhood population, the District launched 20 new prekindergarten classrooms in eleven schools across the District. Schools include:

  1. Avon Avenue School
  2. Camden Street School
  3. George Washington Carver School
  4. Lafayette Street School
  5. Louise A. Spencer School
  6. Mount Vernon School
  7. Nelson Mandela School
  8. Peshine Avenue School
  9. Sir Isaac Newton School
  10. South Seventeenth Street School
  11. Speedway Avenue School

Substantial research has demonstrated that children who attend high-quality preschool programs are more likely to be prepared for their transition to kindergarten and achieve success throughout their academic careers. Participation in high quality prekindergarten programs has been linked to improved health, social-emotional development, and cognitive outcomes, as evidenced by studies conducted by Camilli et al. (2010), Chambers, Cheung, and Slavin (2006), Chambers et al. (2013), Coghlan et al. (2009), Kuhl (2011), and Waldfogel and Washbrook (2010). The Office of Early Childhood will continue to recognize and showcase the District's youngest learners as they embark on their educational journeys.