NBOE Virtual School Spirit Week

Are you ready for a fun challenge? Showcase your school/department spirit and creativity during distance learning.

As everyone engages in this new reality of online learning, the NBOE designated the week of (April 20-April 24) as Virtual Spirit Week. A different theme is featured each day, and everyone is invited to participate in the daily challenge- students, parents, teachers, principals, and staff!

Monday, April 20: Mindful Monday

Virtual Spirit Week - homepageslide - Monday
Mindfulness brings notice to one’s thoughts and feelings as the individual is intentionally present in the moment. Embracing your inner peace can regulate emotions and self-awareness (a social and emotional learning competency). Practice mindfulness exercises throughout the day to draw attention to your state of mind. Check out these mindfulness activities shared by staff and students.

Tuesday, April 21: Tactical Tuesday

Virtual Spirit Week - homepageslide - Tuesday
Factors such as data, resources, time, cost, obstacles, and interdependence can influence our strategic thinking when formulating decisions. Think about a great idea and take action through strategic and tactical thinking. Check out these tactical ideas share by staff and students.

Wednesday, April 22: Whimsical Wednesday

Virtual Spirit Week - homepageslide - Wednesday
Creativity, a 21st-century skill, encompasses the design of a product, solution to a problem, or response to a topic. Show off talents by sharing your poem, dance routine, artwork, or technology-infused project. Check out these artistic ideas share by staff and students.

Thursday, April 23: Thankful Thursday

Virtual Spirit Week - homepageslide - Thursday
Key figures like health care providers, public safety employees, educators, operations team members, communication workers, and political leaders, to name a few, continue to extend their support locally, nationally, and in some instances globally. On this day, we salute our Heroes. Show your appreciation of their tireless efforts. Check out these dedications to our Heroes!

Friday, April 24: Fabulous Friday

Virtual Spirit Week - homepageslide - Friday
Now is the time to show your pride beyond the school/office building as we go virtual! Wear your school/department uniform, colors, and accessories. Check out their school/department pride!