Math Olympics Winners – 2022

math-olympics-june22 - 4
Virtual Math Olympics 2022 Winners Flyer

The Office of Teaching & Learning is proud to announce the winners of the Science and Math Olympics. Students from across the district demonstrated their academic excellence and perseverance across several days of competition. The Math department was proud to resume their annual Math Olympics at NJIT. Students from grades 6th through 12th showcased their strategic math abilities during this competitive event. The traveling trophy was awarded to each first place school and a school plaque that remains at the school for years to come.

In addition, all 17 high schools participated in the Science Olympics. Over the course of three rounds, students demonstrated their knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics. The top three teams were awarded a trophy to be displayed at their schools. The winners were:

  • 1st place - Science Park
  • 2nd place - West Side
  • 3rd place - Bard

The Virtual Math Olympics is a competition among individual students who compete by course whereas the traditional Math Olympics is a team event. In the 2022 Virtual Math Olympics, 705 students throughout Newark competed for first, second, and third place in grade 6 through Calculus by solving challenging problems in mathematics.

Each student placing in the Virtual Math Olympics received an Olympics t-shirt, a TI-Nspire graphing calculator, and a plaque to recognize their accomplishment. The prizes were delivered to each school by the Olympics brigade.

Special thans to all those who supported this great event in the field of mathematics!