Graduations 2017

Graduation is a special time of year for the graduates, their family members and friends. In this section, you will find an overview of the 2017 graduating class of Newark Public Schools, along with graduation dates and times.

School Principal Graduation Graduation Speaker
American History High Bryan Olkowski June 21st at Central High School 6:00pm Mr. Gemar Mills
Arts High Ricardo Pedro June 23rd at Newark Tech Jasmine Manns
Bard Early College Dr. John Weinstein June 22nd at Rutgers Newark Paul Robeson Center 6:00pm Dr. Louise Greene
Barringer Arts Dr. Kimberly Honnick June 22nd at Newark School Stadium 5:00pm TBD
Barringer STEAM Angela Mincy June 20th at Robert Treat 11:00am
Central High Sharnee Brown June 26th at Newark Symphony Hall TBA
East Side High Dr. Mario Santos Monday, June 19th at The Prudential Center 12:00pm Abby Daly – Bridge Brook, NJ
Fast Track Mark Comesanas June 26th at Science Park High School TBD
Malcolm X Shabazz Damon Holmes June 20th at NJIT Ballroom 10:00am – 1:00pm Vanessa Watson (Legendary Basketball Coach)
Newark Leadership Gabriel Kuriloff June 22nd TBA
Science Park Kathleen Tierney June 23rd at Science Park Auditorium 5:30pm TBD
Technology High Edwin Reyes June 23rd at NJIT 3:00pm TBD
University High Edwin Mendez June 20th at Newark School Stadium 10:00am Mayor Ras Baraka
Weequahic Lisa McDonald June 22nd at Weequahic Gymnasium 5:00pm Benilad Little and Lolita Gooden (Roxanne Shante)
West Side Campus Larry Ramkissoon June 23rd at Rutgers – Newark (Golden Dome) TBD