First Avenue School Turns Into a Wax Museum Gallery of Famous Historical Figures

First Avenue School became a Wax Museum Gallery on Friday, June 6, 2014. The 8th grade showcased “Famous People in History Living Wax Museum.” Each scholar researched a famous person in history, wrote a monologue, designed a costume and created a backdrop to highlight their presentation as each were placed around the entire school for display. A “magical” button was placed on the floor before each “figure.” Students from other grades stepped on the wax figure’s button and watched in amazement as the historical figure “came to life!” Students portrayed such people as Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra, Alice Paul, Cleopatra, Harriet Tubman, Cher, Selena, Elvis, Napoleon and the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown, just to name a few! Quite a cast of characters! F.A.S kids ROCKED this exhibit. These imaginative students will graduate June 25, 2014 and will soon make their mark in history.