Enhancing Mobility with Adaptive Equipment

Physical therapy equipment used in schools
Physical therapy equipment used in schools

Related services benefit students when interventions are appropriate to the age and learning needs of individual students. Recommendations are selected through evidence-based decision-making and connected to helping students progress in their educational program/environment.

NBOE students are receiving therapy techniques that are clinical in nature and employ a continuum of service delivery models in the least restrictive environment. Related service providers are working interprofessionally with school staff and families to support students in the educational environment while promoting carry-over and independence of learned skills.

Picture 1: Stander- A student would propel forward by pushing the wheels with their hands.
Picture 2: Gait trainer- Used to allow children to achieve independent walking so that they can explore their environment without dependence on someone else.
Picture 3: Adaptive tricycle- Used to provide children with the opportunity for independent mobility alongside gross motor improvements.