District Upgrades Over 500 Instructional Spaces

Prioritizing renovations, repairs, and upgrades can have a positive impact on the school environment as a whole. The Office of Facilities has worked tirelessly to upgrade all NBOE schools which include classrooms, CTE rooms, offices, gyms, and building grounds! These spaces received new flooring, lighting, closets, window treatments, and in most cases, air conditioning.

The Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP) started the process of upgrading old HVAC equipment and provided replacements with new high efficiency units at Barringer and Weequahic. Updates continued with the installation of LED contactless water fountains throughout the district as contactless water fountains will allow students, faculty & staff access to safe and clean water in a more hygienic fashion than traditional water fountains.

During the height of the pandemic, schools remained open to ensure that the facilities team could advance major upgrades and repairs. The Office of Facilities is excited to highlight some of the major updates during Superintendent León’s administration:

  • More than 50 buildings received a roof coating, upgrades to the HVAC system, or a new boiler and/or chiller. The majority of this work was completed using ESIP at no additional cost to the district’s budget.
  • Over 35 bathrooms received upgraded tile, fixtures, and lighting district-wide.
  • Fire alarm systems at 62 schools were upgraded and 14 schools received a brand new system.
  • New lighting, flooring, wall pads, backboards, basketball hoops, striping and logos were installed in 11 schools as part of renovations to gymnasiums.

Media Center Upgrade at Malcolm X Shabazz.
Media Center Upgrade at Malcolm X Shabazz