COVID-19: Health & Safety Public Service Announcement with Slogan Contest Results

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And the WINNERS Are...

1ST Place

Grades K-2

Avon PreK4-Kindergarten
Avon Avenue Elementary School
Wash, Wash, Wash your hands. Wash them EVERYDAY. Front back, back forth, keep the germs away!

Grades 3-5 (2 way tie)

Samarah Romero, Grade 5
McKinley Elementary School
Stay Clear

Milena Alves, Grade 3
Wilson Avenue School
All Together in the Fight Against Covid-19

Grades 6-8 (2 way tie)

Belinda Afful, Grade 8
Chancellor Avenue Elementary School
Stay home, Let’s stop the spread together

Jahnaiya Simpson, Grade 7
Peshine Avenue School
Stay Clean Before You Catch COVID-19

High School

Students of Mr. Rafols, Grade 11 - Periods 1/2/6/8/9
Arts High School
Stay Home Today, So we can have many Tomorrows

2ND Place

Grades K-2 (2 way tie)

Jean-Joel Nana Ngouambe, Grade 1
Belmont Runyon School
Beat the Virus in 5 Easy Steps!

Kaelani Isabel Barreira, Grade 2
Ridge Street Elementary School

Grades 3-5 (3 way tie)

Karter Curry, Grade 3
Hawthorne Avenue Elementary School

Marianny Goris, Grade 3
Ridge Street School
Let's Keep Our Loved Ones Healthy

Gloru Rosario, Grade 4
Cleveland Elementary School
Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe

Grades 6-8

Eduarda G. Silva, Grade 8
Ann Street School
You can make a difference, if you keep your distance.

High School (2 way tie)

Chelsea Mensah, Grade 10
Malcolm X Shabazz High School
# stay cautious to avoid the virus

Chinenye & Achunike Okafor, Grade 10
Science Park High School
Don’t roam, just stay home

3RD Place

Grades K-2

Azalea Rosario, Kindergarten
Park Elementary School
If Coronavirus is not in your plans...Do is a favor and wash your hands.

Grades 3-5 (3 way tie)

Quetzal Rivera, Grade 5
Salomé Ureña Elementary School
If You Stay Safe, Newark Will Stay Safe.

Cheryl Avraamides, Grade 4
Fourteenth Avenue School
Spread Love & Peace...not Germs.

Khloe Johnson, Grade 3
Park Elementary School
Stay home, stay safe and don't let the Corna get on your face

Grades 6-8

Alanis Gonzalez, Grade 7
Ridge Street School
Quedate en casa

High School

Saeedah Sharif, Grade 10
Arts High School
Preparing for COVID-19