Capacity Utilization

School Name2012-13 EnrollmentAdjusted 2012 Capacity2012-13 UtilizationFull Report
Abington Avenue School767661116%Download the report
Alexander Street School37951174%Download the report
American History High School34071847%Download the report
Ann Street School134072047%Download the report
Arts High School687552124%Download the report
B.R.I.C.K. Avon Academy58459898%Download the report
B.R.I.C.K. Peshine Academy57282469%Download the report
Bard Early College High School20921498%Download the report
Barringer High School12891029125%Download the report
Belmont Runyon Elementary School511490104%Download the report
Benjamin Franklin School617190126%Download the report
Boylan Early Childhood Center(Alexander Annex)9031290%Download the report
Bragaw Avenue31239080%Download the report
Branch Brook School16651325%Download the report
Bruce Street School617285%Download the report
Burnet Street03470%Download the report
Camden Street41593344%Download the report
Central High School776 101576%Download the report
Chancellor Avenue School29059948%Download the report
Cleveland Elementary School44566567%Download the report
Clinton Avenue194142137%Download the report
Dayton Street06830%Download the report
Dr. E. Alma Flagg School50351198%Download the report
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.05280%Download the report
Dr. William H. Horton School788693114%Download the report
Eagle Academy for Young Men757995%Download the report
Early College High School23524795%Download the report
East Side High School14671075136%Download the report
ECS Central
ECS North
ECS South at Chancellor Avenue194142137%Download the report
ECS West at Old Speedway Avenue7124229%Download the report
Eighteenth Avenue School04770%Download the report
Elliott Street Annex475471101%Download the report
Fast Track Success Academy11967178%Download the report
Fifteenth Avenue School04280%Download the report
First Avenue School1064830128%Download the report
Fourteenth Avenue School22928082%Download the report
George Washington Carver School525102651%Download the report
Gladys Hillman-Jones03760%Download the report
Harriet Tubman School29635184%Download the report
Hawkins Street School523499105%Download the report
Hawthorne Avenue School34059457%Download the report
Ivy Hill Elementary School552544101%Download the report
John F. Kennedy School17518794%Download the report
Lafayette Street School1118650172%Download the report
Lafayette Street School - Annex I0790%Download the report
Lincoln Elementary School416387107%Download the report
Louise A. Spencer Elementary School42356175%Download the report
Luis Munoz Marin School95698098%Download the report
Madison Avenue School45556081%Download the report
Malcolm X Shabazz High School63694268%Download the report
Maple Avenue School461305144%Download the report
Maple Avenue Annex0150%Download the report
McKinley Elementary School902791114%Download the report
Miller Street School55756399%Download the report
Morton Street School05460%Download the report
Mount Vernon School67680684%Download the report
New Jersey Regional Day120119101%Download the report
Newark Bridges High School20846645%Download the report
Newark Innovation Academy18140944%Download the report
Newark Leadership Academy (Transfer School A)1160Download the report
Newark Vocational High School36757464%Download the report
Newton Street (Renew)40850780%Download the report
Oliver Street School905627144%Download the report
Park Elementary School795640124%Download the report
Quitman Street Community School54177470%Download the report
Rafael Hernandez Elementary School604447135%Download the report
Ridge Street School596470127%Download the report
Ridge Street ECC (Arlington Avenue)Download the report
Roberto Clemente Elementary School584537109%Download the report
Roseville Avenue15617291%Download the report
Samuel L. Berliner387650%Download the report
Science Park High School787714110%Download the report
South 17th Street School46859379%Download the report
South Street School343266129%Download the report
Speedway Academies45364570%Download the report
Sussex Avenue Renew School497432115%Download the report
Technology High School57575077%Download the report
Thirteenth Avenue/Dr. MLK, Jr.88291297%Download the report
University High School59575479%Download the report
Warren Street03980%Download the report
Weequahic High School62477780%Download the report
West Side High School756712106%Download the report
William Brown Academy000%
Wilson Avenue School928415224%Download the report
Wilson ECC (Alyea Street)000%Download the report