Student Records Request

Note: Official Transcripts will be mailed directly to colleges. All other requests must be picked up and identification is required. Records that date before 2002 can be retrieved from the school, unless it is permanently closed.

Student Records Request Form

This document is used to request various types of records.

Descripción: Este documento se utiliza para solicitar diferentes tipos de registros.

La description:
Ce document est utilisé pour demander différents types de dossiers.

Descrição: Este documento é usado para solicitar vários tipos de registros.

Descrição: Este documento é usado para solicitar vários tipos de registros.

Deskripsyon: Dokiman sa itilize pou mande divès kalite dosye.

Requests for Student Information from Military Recruiters, Institutions of Higher Education, and Prospective Employers

Under the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), public high schools must give the names, addresses and telephone numbers of students to military recruiters, college/university recruiters and prospective employers if the recruiters request the information (ESSA, Title VIII, §8528). However, students or their parents have the right to instruct the school in writing that this information is not to be released. Copies of the Parental "Opt-Out" Notification Letter to Release Student Information can be obtained from your student’s school counselor.

Release of Student Information Form

Release of Student Information Form
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