Program Evaluation

Welcome to the Expanded Learning Time Program Evaluation information and resources page:

Included here is information from our year round Program Evaluation process. In ELT, we consider quality program evaluation and improvement an ongoing process that will have long and impactful outcomes on program success.  Program quality is defined for the ELT office by following the NJ Quality Standards for Afterschool Tool (NJ-QSAT) developed by NJSACC: The Statewide Afterschool Network.

ELT Program Monitors and Lead Teachers use the NJ-QSAT to observe the program and provide a score for each of the areas of the Standards.  The results of the observations are used in combination with the feedback from surveys that are completed by students, parents and school staff.  The results are given to each school to use to make an Action Plan for program improvement for the year.

When programs are monitored, ELT Program Monitors use the Standards tool and Action Plan to provide technical assistance and support with resources to meet the goals of the Action Plan.  The program is evaluated at the end of the year to see how the Action Plan worked to impact program quality for the participants, their families and staff.

Directions to ELT Lead Teachers on Using Data:

  1. Review the results from your comprehensive program evaluation with the ELT team at  your school. (links to the data are provided below)
  1. From the data, submit an Action Plan for SY 16-17, which includes the following:
    • Three SMART goals based on areas identified from the data that you would like to improve.
    • Under each goal, record the quality standard that the program is focusing on for quality program improvement.
    • List the percentage or score for each of the areas.
    • Record a target date for when the goal should be completed (you may follow what is prescribed by the ELT office).
    • List Action Steps (in each month) that will be completed by the staff in the implementation of each goal.
  1. Share your Action Plan with your Program Monitor. Your Program Monitor will support the programs goals with obtaining resources and providing support needed to complete the Action Plan.

 Directions to ELT Program Monitors:

  1. Review the data results from your school’s comprehensive program evaluation with the ELT team at  your school (links to the data are provided below)
  1. Using the NJ-QSAT program observation tool, observe the Afterschool Program providing scores and written feedback on observations. Please complete the following sections of the NJ-QSAT:
  1. Provide the information from your program observation to your Lead Teacher to include in the Action Plan.
  2. Work with the Lead Teacher and Afterschool program team to develop the Action Plan and support them in implementation.

(Evaluation Results by School)