Research with NBOE

Conducting Research at Newark Board of Education

Newark Board of Education welcomes collaboration with researchers, when possible, to advance the collective knowledge base regarding improvements to education. Any individual, university, or organization that would like to engage in professional research, surveys, or program evaluations in collaboration with NBOE must receive prior approval from the Institutional Review Board. This includes NBOE employees who would like to conduct research outside of their current employment responsibilities. Researchers wishing to conduct research in schools must first follow the steps below.

Please review the available New Jersey Department of Education data and the data available on NBOE’s Academic and Strategic Data webpage before making a request.


If you are interested in conducting research with Newark Board of Education, please fill out our Initial Screening Form. Once we have received your initial screening form, we will begin the process of reviewing your request.  Please see the details outlined below:

  1. Once the researcher completes the initial screening form, an IRB member will review and notify the researcher of current status.
  2. If the study passes the initial screening process, NBOE will send the researcher a full external research application.
  3. The NBOE IRB evaluates all requests received during the current review cycle to determine which studies to approve given our capacity and research priorities.
  4. Any study that passes the NBOE IRB review, must then be shared with the NBOE Board for a secondary review.
  5. If approved by the IRB, a Research and Data Sharing Agreement will be drafted and the study will be recommended to the Board of Education’s Program and Instruction Committee for approval at their next meeting.
  6. Once final approval from the board is secured, an NBOE staff member will be assigned to your project who will work with you to finalize any necessary data-sharing and/or legal agreements and implement your project.

We accept applications on a rolling basis and will review monthly. Please bear in mind that the above timeline may span approximately two months, so plan accordingly.

If you are invited to submit an application, please also send the following:

  • IRB Approval Documentation (Please note that IRB approval from your institution is required)
  • Relevant Instruments or Surveys
  • Assent/Consent Forms
  • Any other relevant documents

Please e-mail if you have any questions or concerns regarding this process.