The Newark Board of Education Approves a 10-Year Strategic Plan The Next Decade: 2020–30

In a bold statement, the members of the Newark Board of Education approved the District’s 10-year strategic plan, The Next Decade: 2020-30, at the Public Board Meeting held on June 23, 2020.

In order to transition to The Next Decade, Superintendent Roger León first looked at the strategic plans of his predecessors and he created NPS Clarity 2020. This was a one-year strategic plan which resulted from the ideas, time, and planning of many members of the Newark community.  NPS Clarity 2020 built a new ecosystem of education within our city utilizing collaborative planning, coordinating local resources and agencies, engaging stakeholders, aligning board members, prioritizing equity, and keeping students at the center of all decisions. NPS Clarity 2020 is the bridge that connects us to The Next Decade: 2020-30.

The Next Decade: 2020–30, is a plan like no other, because for the first time in the history of the Newark Board of Education, there is a roadmap that connects the past and sets the stage for an incredible future.  The Next Decade: 2020-30 spans ten years, has six major priorities and thirty-five strategies: 

  • Priority 1:  Unified and Aligned Systems
  • Priority 2:  A Rigorous and Relevant Framework for Curriculum and Instruction
  • Priority 3:  Strength-Based and Responsive Culture
  • Priority 4:  Continuous Learning for All
  • Priority 5:  Integrated System of Supports
  • Priority 6:  Strong Reciprocal Partnerships

The Next Decade 2020-30 is the gold standard for collaborative strategic planning because it contains methodologies that incorporate learning from conception to cradle to college to careers, and considers equity at all levels. 

For more information, please contact:

Newark Board of Education
Nancy Deering, Interim Executive Director

About The Newark Public Schools District
The Newark Public Schools District, with 66 schools, 5,877 employees and a student population of 37,291 is the largest and one of the oldest school systems in New Jersey. Its origin dates back to 1676. Barringer High School, in Newark’s North Ward, is the third oldest public high school in the nation. The ethnic diversity of the city provides a rich educational experience for pre-kindergarten to secondary school students. The district continues to revise its services to meet the changing needs of students.