Novartis Establishes an Accelerated Learning Program for Students at Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology

Novartis is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world that uses innovative science and technology to address some of society’s most challenging health care issues.  They have established the Novartis Newark Data Science Acceleration Fund (NNDSAF) to prepare students of the Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology to acquire knowledge and skills to compete globally.

Starting this summer with the class of 2025, the NNDSAF will provide 50 students in each future graduating class with an opportunity to participate in a 5-week summer accelerated learning program.  The summer course content includes Information Technology and Microsoft Imagine Academy fundamentals which lead toward industry-valued certifications.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have partners like Novartis, who are aligned with our vision to provide our students with access to knowledge and resources that prepare them to compete in the global digital arena,” said Superintendent León.

Overall, this program would impact approximately 250 students over a five-year period.

The additional summer sessions will be a key strategy to allow students to access additional courses and prepare themselves for these certification programs.

The Novartis Newark partnership lends itself to opportunities that are mutually beneficial to students and Novartis employees.  The Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology will welcome Novartis associates who will provide workshops either during the summer or school year on topics that show the intersection between data science and public health.  Other opportunities include field trips to the Novartis data centers, laboratories, and executive offices.  By allowing students to have hands-on experiences, the idea of pursuing a degree in the field of data science becomes a reality.

“We are deeply excited about our partnership with Novartis and their support of our vision and mission to prepare our young people for the technology careers of the future,” stated Dr. Liana Summey, Principal of the Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology.  “This summer acceleration program is key to our commitment to inspiring the technology leaders and change agents of tomorrow.”

As a culminating event, there will be an end-of-summer showcase at the Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology.  It would be an event where Novartis employees are invited to engage with students about their profession so students are exposed to the many different areas of computer science.