Newark Public Schools Students Perform at Founders Weekend Festival

The Malcolm X Shabazz Marching Band and Roberto Clemente Elementary School Chorus performed for thousands of Newark community members to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the city’s founding

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[Newark, NJ – May 17, 2016] – The Malcolm X Shabazz High School Marching Band and the Roberto Clemente Elementary School Chorus performed during the Newark 350 Founders Weekend Festival this past Saturday at Military Park. The Newark students performed along with Grammy-award winning singers and local Newark artists to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Newark’s founding. Thousands of community members were in attendance.

“The Malcolm X Shabazz Marching Band and Roberto Clemente Chorus delivered two outstanding musical performances for the Newark community this weekend,” said Superintendent Christopher D. Cerf of Newark Public Schools (NPS). “As we commemorate Newark’s 350th anniversary, we celebrate our amazing community and culture. The students who performed this weekend, along with all of our young people here in Newark, are a great example of the talent and diversity that makes this such a vibrant and exciting community.”

Newark 350’s Founders Weekend Festival began this past Friday, May 13th and continued through the weekend at Military Park. During the three day celebration, thousands of community members came together to participate in a variety of arts, entertainment, cultural and community events that celebrated the city’s 350th anniversary.

In addition to the Malcolm X Shabazz High School Marching Band and the Roberto Clemente Elementary School Chorus performances, several Grammy Award-winning artists performed, including Faith Evans, Naughty by Nature, and India, as well as various local Newark artists. Additionally, students who completed several winter and spring assignments, through which they shared their love and admiration for Newark, were recognized by Roger León, Assistant Superintendent of NPS.

“The Newark community has so much to be proud of and the work that our students created to honor the 350th anniversary of our great city displays the strength of our community’s pride,” said Leon. “Newark’s history is rich and its future is bright– the amazing achievements that our children and members all across our community continue to make on a daily basis are proof of that.”

Newark Celebration (NC) 350 is a year-long celebration of unique events and festivities commemorating the 350th anniversary of the city of Newark’s founding. NC350 was the vision of the late Dr. Clement A. Price, a leading historian of the City of Newark, who worked tirelessly to ensure that citizens were able to understand the important story of Newark.