Newark Public Schools Launches 2016 – 2017 School Year Enrollment Process Today

Enrollment application window open earlier, longer than ever before

[Newark, NJ – December 7, 2015] – Today Newark Public Schools (NPS) launched its enrollment application process for the 2016 – 2017 school year. This year’s enrollment application window, which is open earlier and longer than in previous years, will remain open for a period of 12 weeks through February 29, 2016 and will be accompanied by a wide variety of resources and tools that will aid parents in the application process.

“The district is committed to making sure that the enrollment process works for all Newark’s families and affords every child access to a school of their choice,” said Superintendent Christopher D. Cerf. “This year’s application process is open earlier and longer than ever before, giving parents more time to learn about the schools that will best meet the needs of their children. Parents will also have more resources and tools to inform their decision-making process as they determine what their child’s academic future will look like.”

NPS collected feedback over the last year from various stakeholders including parents, students, educators and community leaders about how to improve the enrollment process. The district recently announced that it has made the following enhancements to the enrollment process for the 2016 – 17 school year:

  • Simplified the application process by reducing it to only one enrollment window
  • Improved sibling match to ensure siblings are placed in the same school whenever possible
  • Revised geographic preferences to allow children better access to a school in their neighborhood

“There is no doubt that opening the enrollment process earlier and extending the application window will help families make the best possible choices for their child,” said Margarita Muñiz, Executive Director of Family and Community Engagement. “We are excited to help parents through the application process to ensure that their children are in well-matched school communities.”

The district has also taken steps to provide parents with the information they need to make informed decisions about their school options, including:

  • A revised enrollment guidebook will be available at that showcases detailed information about each school and explains the various support services and programs that are available
  • Community information sessions and school open houses so that families can learn about their options directly from school staff
  • School spirit videos to give parents a better sense of the unique learning environment each school has to offer

Over the next 12 weeks, families should take the following steps to maximize their children’s school enrollment options:

  • Determine if their child should participate. Families should participate in the enrollment process if:
    • Their child is in the last grade in their current school, including those:
      • In grade 8 of all K through 8 schools
      • In grade 6 of Harriet Tubman School
      • In grade 4 of Benjamin Franklin, Branch Book, Fourteenth Avenue, Newark Educators’ Community Charter, Roberto Clemente, Roseville Community
      • In Pre-K4 of the Early Childhood Schools (Berliner, Gladys Hillman Jones, South, West) and all community-based Pre-K4 providers
    • Their child will be enrolling in public school for the first time in fall 2016, including:
      • New Pre-K students
      • New Kindergarten students
    • Their child wants to attend a new school for fall 2016 that better fits/meets their needs
  • Learn about school options by:
    • Researching schools through the new online school guidebook
    • Attending schools open houses and fairs
    • Watching spirit videos from participating schools
  • Apply for enrollment by February 29, 2016:
    • Visit and click the “Apply” tab and choose the schools parents would like their children to attend
    • Rank the schools in order of preference

If children would like to remain in their current school next fall, and do not fit the above criteria, parents do not need to submit an application in the enrollment process.

Families who submit applications by February 29, 2016 for a new school will receive their match letters in mid-April 2016. The match letter will inform families of their school placement for the fall and provide families with next steps to register and confirm their placement.

Families interested in learning more about school enrollment should visit online at, in-person at 2 Cedar Street, Room 918 or the Family Support Center located at 301 W. Kinney Street. The Center is open Monday – Thursday from 9:00am to 3:00pm.