Newark Public Schools Celebrates Newark’s 350th Anniversary

Newark, NJ – October 20, 2015 Newark Public Schools proudly joins the City of Newark, the Newark Municipal Council and the Newark 350 Board of Trustees to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of the city.

This past weekend, the Newark 350 Board of Trustees hosted the Family Fun Festival at Military Park, where families from all five wards throughout the city came together to kick off a yearlong celebration of the city’s 350-year history. Hundreds of Newark Public School students participated in the opening festivities and the marching bands from Malcolm X Shabazz High School and Wilson Avenue School performed for attendees.

“We look forward to all of the Newark 350th Anniversary celebrations this coming year, and congratulate the City of Newark, and the Newark 350 Board of Trustees for hosting a great kickoff event,” said Christopher D. Cerf, Superintendent of Newark Public Schools. “Newark is a city with a proud, and dynamic history, and the Newark Public Schools is committed to working with community members to celebrate its rich history. Our classroom teachers and school leaders look forward to incorporating the story of the City of Newark into their lessons, and sharing with students how much they can learn about themselves and their community by examining the past.”

As a part of the yearlong celebration, Newark Public Schools will provide opportunities for students to participate in specific Newark 350 events during the winter, spring and summer breaks. In addition, Newark Public Schools is working with local historians, the Newark 350 program committee, and a cohort of teachers to develop a curriculum that will allow students to engage with the city’s history in a new and more focused way.